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June 5. - The question cntne up on ihe original resolutions. Mr. Rnyner then took the floor &nd addressed tlie House at some length against the course pursued by the abolitionist?. He contended ihat if the people of the North had a right to petition for thc redressof imaginary grievances of people oiher than their ovvn, why who couid say where it would end? Their pelitions might extend to grievances, real or supposed, which rr.ight exi&tacross ihe Ailanlic. They would then have the right of petitioning Congress lo go to war witli ihe English for oppressing thc Irish, or with Russia for oppressing the Poles. VVere this right to petition for other than their own grievances to be admitted, it would lead to the greatest absurdities.Suppose, said Mr. R., turning to Mr. Adams, tliat petitions day after day, were pouring in, praying that the manufactures of the North were a nuiance, would the gentlemen receivo ihe peiitions? Mr. Adams - Yes I wou!d. VVell, ihen, said Mr. Rnyner, suppose petitions were presented from the Catholios, asking Congress to prohibit the use ofmeat, or from the Jews, asking thein to abo!3h the Christian Religión, or from Fanny Wright and her followers, osking CongreBS to abolish tlie insitution ofmarriage; would the gentlemen receive such petitions?Mr. Adfims, vvith great animation, exclaimedWhy, the most damning feature ofslavery sthat jtDOES abolísh ihe institution of marriage. How then could I have an)' more objeclion to receive such petitions, than Ihavcforlhe perpetuation ofslavery, which destroys that sacred in stitution Marriage?'1'' - (cries of 'order, sit down.')Mr. Adama. - Ye?, it does aboüsh the j institution of marringe, and I huve seen ! the eíFtícts of t; yes I have seen the Here a general cry of order commcnced, and Mr. Adams resumed his seat, j ing that if the gentlemnn vvas afraid to ! ceive answers, he should tajee care to ask no qusstious. Mr. Iiayner tlien resumed his remarks. He said the people of the Souih wou Id stop the progross of the abolitionisls over the border, with their dead bodies, f they could noteifect it noother way.