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TAKEN UP, BY the Bubscriber, on the thirty-firet day of May last, a span of MARES, one a black Poney, marked P. P. on the eft hip; the other a grey, wilh a ring bone nd spavin. The ovvner ia requested lo prove lis title and pay charges, and they wil] bo eliveied. RUFUS THAYER, Jr. Plymouth, July 28, 1841. 14-8w. Woodl Wood! Wood! WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a few cords of good hickory wood ]in exlange for tho "Sionai. op Liserty."THKESHING MACHINES, HORSE POWER, MILLS, hc. THE undersigned are manufacturing and will keep constantly on hand at theic shop two and a balf miles weet of Ann Arbor, near the Rail Road, HORSE POVVERS and THRESHING M ACHINES.The horso power is a new invention by ö. W. Foster, and is dcidedly superior to any thing of the kind ever before offered to tlie Public. The pnce of a Four Horse Power, with a good Threshing Machine is 180 dollars, at the shop; without the Machine, nniety dollars. These Horse Powers can be used with two, ihree or four horsea to good advantage. Three men with two horses, con threeh one hundred busheb of wheat per day (if it yields middling well,) and it will not be hard work for the horses. The Horse Power and Thresher can bota be put in a coramon waggon box, and drawu any distance by two horses. The Two Horse Power will be sold at the Bhop, with the Thresher for one huodred dollars; without the Thresher, for seventy-five dollars. They also manufacture STRAW CUTTERS, recemly invented by S. W. Foster, which are decidedly preferable lo any others for cutling Blraw or corn etalks, by horse or water power. They also work ty hand.- Price, fifteen dollars. - ALSO- CAST-IRON MILLS for grinding provender, at the rate ofeix to eight bushels per hour, wiüi two horees or by water. - Also - (ESMUT MACHINES of superior conBtruction. Invented by S. W. Foster Price, sixty dollars. S. W. FOSTER, Li Co. bcio, June 2á, 1841. 10-ly GRASS LAK E ACADEMY, AND TEACHERS SEMINARY. THE TRUSTEES would inforui the pub lic, that the Winter term of thie Institutiok will commence on Wednesdoy EIGHTEENTH OF AUGUST, and continue twenty-two weeks, under the Supenntendance of Mr. Lucien H. Jokes, the present incumbent. They would also say that this School has been respectably sustained during the present pecuniary pressure thathas crushed bo many of the Literary Institutions of our country ; and that thera is a disposition with all concerued to sustaiu t till better times ehall secure to it, its anticïpated prosperity and usefulness. TU1TI ON. For the common English branches, f3 00. Thehigher Eng. br. and Mathematics. 4,00. The Latin and Frenen Languages, 5,00. The Tuition to be paid at the middle of the quarter, unles6 other arrangements aro previously made. Board and waahing are Irom 1,00 to 1,50 dollars per week. and a number of private rooms may be engaged by such ds wish to board themselvea. The School is open to both sexes and all denomïnatione. No Student will be received for lessthan half a Term; and no reduction made for absence except for continued sicknees. FOSTER TüCKER, Secretary of the Board. Grass Lake, June 23, 1841. Q-4.w