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The Kentucky Slave Law Of 1833

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- Ihe question of Repeat is Jikely to oc casion fresh ferment in the Legislatura o Kentucky. Candidates are required to express a defínite opinión concerning ihe policy of maintaining the law. The Bardslown Gazeite införms us that the people of Nelson County are in a state o great excitement on this subject. A. S. Standard. "We know of nothing," says the editor "that has produced such a great sensation among the good citizens of Nelson county for many years, as the discussion of the queslion, whether the law of 1838, in relation to the importation of eiaves into Kentucky, shall or sliall not be repealed Every man is, or seems to be materially interested in the question. Every man woman, and child, and eveo the negroea are engaged in the discussion of it. The farmer stops his labor, and hails the travelier, to find out ifthe question is spoken of in otlier parts of the county. The mechanic leaves his work, and interrupts his neighbor's for the purposo of having a chat upon the Negro Law. The merchant forgets his blotter and ledger, in his anxiety to learn whether his customer is in favor of ihe repeal oropposed to it. Upon every corner crowda are often congregated, lis- lening wiih various emoiions to the vociferations of sotne street lecturcr, who with flushed face and foaming mouth, is engag ed in epouting forth his views upon the re peal of the law. It is the neplus ultra of many of our neighbors' tboughts. Nothing else is deserving of iiotice - it has swallowed up every other question. The ending difficulties between the United States and Great Britain - the massacres n Florida - the proceedings of the extra session of Congress - the derangements in he currency of the country (which are of he greatest importance to others,) are to hem matters of minor interest, when commred with the subject of the repeal. It is ciung to with such tenacity, and argued vith such fervor, that one would suppose he perpetuation of our liberties, and the very salvation of our souls depended upon de decisión of the voters of Nelson upon ■lis subject.