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To The Abolitionists Of The County Of Wayne

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At a meeting in Detroit of the friends of the enslaved, on the 13th inst., the undersigned were appointed a commiltee of correspondence in reference to the cali of a county convention for nominating candidates for the [iegislalure of this State, and county officersj at the next ensuing election. In pursuance of the above object we hereby recommend tothe abolitionists of ihe several lownships in this county, friendly to distinct poliücal action, to cali meetings for the purpose of deeignating delegates to a county convention to meet at Dearbonvilie on tbc third Wednesday m August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Under existing circumsfances it isdeemed advisablo not to restrict the number of delegates to the proportionate population of the several towns or corporations, but for each to send as many as practicable with the view to secure the fullest expression of opiuion of the independent electora. CHARLES H. STEWART,Ï MARTIN WILSON, WILLJAM H. PETERS, J. Com. JOHN DYMOND, A. L. PORTER, J Detroit, July 15,1841.