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Subtlety Of Pro-slavery Tacticians

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(pLrThe following was first published last year in the Michigan Freeman, and has recently appeared in the Emancipator credited to the Penn. Freeman. lt snot out of date yet.Ia the church it is, "away with your abolition into politics , whero it properly beloQgs.'' In the proslavery parties, it is, Aye! just as Ithought, bringing your abolition into politics, are you? Now the truth is, f the slave is ever to be redeemed, and our country eaved from the sad catastrophe of bygone republics, this mighty subject must and will soon lay a strong hand both upon the Church and the State. To talk of acting upon eithcr, exclusively, is absurd. Bui to dream of a kind of abolition to purify ihe church from davery by talking,prcaching and praying against it, the church, and then voting for it, out of the church, is no more rediculous and absurd, thau it would be, zealously to preach up "tcetotaP'-temperance, in a temperance society ,and then be "hail fellow well met" around the social glas?, wilh the veriest drunkards in the land - or to preach and pray in the church against the vioJation of all thecommands in the decaloguo, and out of it viólate every oneofthern. It truly sickeus an honest man?8 heart, to hear one crying down political action against slaverj, and exalting "moral suasion," and then sce hitn go etroightway and vote for slnveholders,nnd pro-slavery men. May tho Lord forgive such sheer hypocrisy. Slaveholders area thousand fold more consistent. They talk, preach and pray against abolition, and take good caro to VOTE against iton all occasions. Not asyllableis ever heard from them, on any occasion, about waiting til 1 after election. Suys Mr. Lyon, a noted slaveholder of Virginia, in his late strict interrogatoriea to General Ilarriöon - "I would as soon vote for n Florida IndianasanABOLITIONIST. But northern "Yankees" can consluntly be duped by scores - hundreds, and thousands, by their party leaders to vote for elaveholders and and pro-slavery men - by their just telling them, this is the way to save the country - by "choosing the least of two moral evils."