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borne of our Congressmen who claim to. be abolitionists, are trymg lianl to couviacc themsclves and otherpeople too.iliat greaí merít ought to be awarded lliom fr having foughis.o bravuiy against thc púi ous 21st rule, and secured its abolition.- Fray, wlierc is the exact point in.this matter? Just herc,nnd no where else. tyy yjr u;c oí' the 21 si rule, the skves wetfi gag gel, or rather the representutivcs ef tha peoplc agreed to gag thcmsêlvès üUí! !!:e;r coriátituents, so far as the slavesan'd llicír immediale interests were concerned. By the present acíion of the House, not only are the miserable slaves gagged, and th0Jr claims deuied a hearing,' but the representatives and thcir constiluepts arcgaged not only as U regurds the intarests of ihe slave, but tliey are stoppeti from considcring Iheir own and tlie allairs of the coun(ry, only as they are permitted to be introdüCed by ihe Tiosident, Mr. John Tyler! Poor degraded slaves that ve are, every manofus! llore we are su re enough- iho white ëkinned slaves of the cold north, yoked and chained with the black skinneil slaves ofthe sultry south! Neilher the onc nor the other can employ type or vocablcs iotcll thcir wants and woes! Advájjang backwards.AQ a!i intenta untfec the T) Ier dynasty we must bc ! Ileaven Wliat a splcndid absurdity is this soraeth'íngthat men name human nature! Qiir fathers wrenched vhemselves out of thc cluieh of European despotism - ereeled with their own hands this glorious fiibric office iusiitutions- cemented it with their rich, würm blood! We, their childr,en almost before their perished fornjs kave hccoine voicelessin thc cokl, still grave, have banished from among us the spirit of freedom, throltled our own manhuod, cnchained our limbs, - and all ihis out of pvire aífection fur the wickedest and decidedly the most proflígate and hateful set of men the suh ever shono npon! More of this hcreafter. - American Citizen.OCrThe Church óf Christ of tfre Bap. list denominaron, of Montreal, at a inceting held Fob. 22. 1841. Resolved, "That as it is their bounden duty, so henccfürth it is tlicir solcmn determinatiot), to withhold comtriunion ot the Loids tuble or admittance into their pulpit, from every person known tobo the holder of a slave, or the abeltor of suchas persist in maintaininga system, so cruel, iiiiquitous, or unchristian." The followmg resolution was passed by the Wyorning county Convention, May 4. It is righl. Resolved, That it is both a sin and ; shame that a slave breeder - slaveholdcr - slave buyer, and slave seller occupic the Exccutiv'echair of thisRepublican nátion; and while the sharae attaches to tlit; wholo people,the sin belongssolely tothoso elcctors who coniributed lo his elcvation. OIn every instance where I have fouiid a Southern clergyrmm defending slavery, there have been no signs of spiritual life. Some have given up their hopes,others seem to retain thern as an incumbrancc, which, like Virgil's white horses, do not pay the rearing. In dcfending slavery,they have the most bilterness and tho least charity of all its defenders.1' Gerrit Stnitli's Tennessee Correspondent.