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There are four leading systeifi of Ie tion, or, if you please, lour polilical parti in the nation, and were either of them to obtuin a complete possession of power, tho i'ollowing consequ ncea would ensue to the colored populatioo of the country. Under a Slavocracy, the colored, in coraraon with the whito laboring populationj would be owned by tho richt This is iliu case in the Slave States as for as the mixed nature ofour instilutions will permit. Werethe slave States separatud froin surroundiiijj influeuces, there would probably be but Uva classes, the capita'usts and laborers - the üWaers and owned. In Alabama they htv& begun lo re enslave all llie f'ree negroes fof lile who come into ihe State. Uuder a Democrucy, the colored peoplO wouid be deprived of tnany of their civil and, all political privileges, and treated as an in fenor race. Wo upprehend this to be th true Democratie dftctrine,. as taught at head quarters. Can you find a lcading Demo-, era tic paper in the Union that advocatea the equality of civil and political rights of the colored people? We eee, then, that the coui'se laken by laeir newspapers, estah lishes the fact. Under a Whig administration, tho rightB of the colored people would be nominally acknowledged and advocated, and yet all their dearest interests would be postponed or virtually sacrificed to favor itescheroes of financej or legislation. Their rights to a great txlent, would bo nomiually admitted, but would be in reality destroyed by the plea of expediency or neceasity - the devil's plea. This is the course actually pursued by the party. How can Congress get time to thinlc ofits 3,000,000 slaves, while the nation has no 6ettled scheme of making or borrowing money? And when that are established, will the elave be thought of? Undor a liberty government, whose rulo of action is èequal and exact justice to all men," the riglits of tl.e laborer vould be secure. Reader, if you are a laborer, will y our rights be secure under either of the otb. er systems?(UGeneral Cocke, of Virginia, a very large slaveholder, is President of the Ainejican Temp. Union, and opened the National Conventiun, at Saratoga, with a writteu uddress, vvhich contaiaed "an awkward and gjatuitous attack on the abolitionists, whicli no doubt svas painful tt a large proportiou of the most dislinguished of his co-Iaborers in the Temperance cause, who listened to it." So says the Olive Leaf. This attack was the more irapolitic, as probably one half of the 560 members presetu were abolitionists. Amung them, were Dr. Beman, Gernt Smith, and John Pierpont, Speakers, and VVm. Goodell, J. C. Lovejoy, J. T. Norton, and a host of distinguishcd individuals, among the memberd. The Emancipator advises the Union tu elect tor their next President, a gentleman, instead of a slaveholder!OJThere is a town íü aa adjoiningcoun. ty remarkable for its Whiggism - the aver age whig majority being some fifty or eixty. Last fall four votes were given for Birney. By the way, what an honor it was to him, to be thus singled out by the noble onos of the earth, here and tliere, who came out from the comraon mass of human feehng, to do honor to all the nobler qualities of humanity by 6uppüi-ting for the highest gift m their power, the man who had faithfully defended the rights of all his fellow men! Well, we are nownssured by one who knows, that not less than thirty are personally committed for the liberty cause, and our frienda have uppointed committees in each school district, uitending to lecture in every school house i town, and have spoken for a quantity oflht Signal on the "Three Munths" plan. fXThere is a deep and never fading ploa sure in advocating the principies of liberty. We are engaged in the great work of abolishing oppression and tyrrany from among mankind. We are not taunted with cup porting an aristocracy which monopolizes and eats up, iu some shape or other, the interests and earnings of the laboring classes. We cannot with reason be charged with ifl' consi6tency in this respect, for we act upon the doctrine laught and carried out by our Saviour, that of doing to others as we would be done unto; and when called upon toexchange worlds, we shall not have the terrible reflectioti 6tinging our bosoms that our lives have been spent in supporting and perpetüating a system of unceasing robbory and , oppression,