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Washtenaw County Convention

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The County Conrention for nominaling officeis to be eupported at the fa!l election mot at the Court House in Ann Arbor purtuant to the eall in the "Signal of Fiberty.'' On tootion of Dr. J. 15. Barns, Justus fiorris, of Ypsiianti, was called to the chair, and J. Chandler, of Ann Arbor, and Theodore Foster, of Scio, appointed secretarios, Prayer was offered, by Rev. G. Beckley, of Ann Arbor. S. Dutton, G. Beckley, J. Pebbles,vere apj)ointed a cornmittee to nomínate oñicers for the convention. O. Packard, H. Bower, S. B. Noblo, vvere appointed a commiltee to onrol the namcs of delegates. - The committee fornominaüng offieers, reported the following: Justus Morris, President, Chas. Mosely, Vico President, John Chandler and Theodore Foster, secretaries' The. repovt vvae accepted. G. Beckley, J. B. Barns and Dr. Hoskins were appointed committee on business. The Comrailtee for enrol;ing the natnes $f delegales reported the following: - Ann Arbor. - Zenad Nutsh, Doet. ürake, Job Slatford, Roswell Parson, S. J. Ennger, G. Beckley, H. Bower, C. Moseley, John Chandler, S. D. Noble, Bela Brosvn, D. A. M'Collura, Ira Feícíf, M. Wheeler, Sabin Felcb, Doet. J. B. Barnes, H. Adams, Israol Williamá. Calvin Büss. ■Ypsiianti. - Justus Norns, S. W. Patchiu, A. S. Chase, J. M. Brown, II. B. Ten Eyck, A. A. Copeland, P. D, YVoodruff, H. H.Gnffin, Jas. Clark Salem. - J, B. Lapham, J. H. Lapham X. F. Norton, J. D. Pinckncy, H. Hub.' bard, Lauren Pratt, John Pebbles, Elias Bryant, Seth Thompson. Wcn.B. Mead, II. II. Hamilton, Orson Packard, Isaac R. Sut ton, E'.ijah Ilerrick, E. VV. Oook, Reuben Pebbles. Scío.- Jacob Doremus, Jamos Doremus, ■Henry Dvvight, Miles Lowelt, Dan'i Dwight, S. VV. Foster, D. C. Foster, T. Foster. PUt.-8. Dutton, Jabez Cady, Daniel Underwood, Isaac Elliot. Webster.- W. W. Willits. Sylvan. - Wm. eeks. Saline.- S. L. Huil. The Convention then procoeded to an informal baJloting for Reprra ;ntatie. The 'üformal ballot having been ca nvassed the OODvention adjouri.e.1 for one I o ir. Two o'clock, P. M. Hour having airived for the meeting of the Senatorial Couvention, on motion ït was Resolved, That this convention resolve itelf into a Senatorial Convention, under the ame officers. The following additional del egates wi u recordcd. H. Lee, Wm. Fish, M. Bartlett, J. Burnett, J. Barber, J. Clark, L. Loble, E. F Gay, James Burnett, James Farnsorth Isaac Smith, F. M. Lansing.The Convention proceeded to ballott for Senators, which reeulced in ihe choice o Munnis Kenny, of Washtenaw, and Edwarc F. Gay, of Livingston. The Convention resolved itself into a County Convention and proceeded to the formal ballot for Representatives. The re uit of which was, the choice of S. W. Foser, of Scio; Justus Norria, Ypsilanti; Samuel Dutton, Pittsfiold; Robert Edmunds, SaHae; John Peebblee, Salem; Francis M Lansing, Pittsfield. Tho Convention then proceeded the nomination of a County Commissioner, which resulted in the choice of Rufus Matthews, of Northfield. T. Foster, David A. M'Collum, Doet. J. B. Barnes, were appointed a County Correepondingr Committee. 8 L. Huil, Saline; H. Dwïght Scio; S. W. Patchin, Ypsüanti; Joseph Lapham,lem; Ira Spauldïng, Sylvan; Walter W. Willits, Webster; Jabez Cady, Pittsfield; S. D. Noble, Ann Arbor; R. Mathews, Northfield; E. Fish, Linden; Clark Parsons, Sliaron; Prince Bonnet, Augusta, were appointed a central committee for their respective towns, with power to fill vacancies. The Convention then voted to instmet the central committee to cali meetings in every town. The Committee on business, then reported the follovving reeolutions, which were adopted. Resolved, That Slavery is a politica! as well as moral evil, and therefore, politica! ballot box action, blonded with moral euasion, is tho only logical, consistent course for professed abolitioniata to pursue. Resolved, That the queetion of Liberty is rnomentoua; that ie is in fact"the weightier matter of the law;" that questions of finance when compared to ït are as "the mint and the cumin," and that though we wish not to leave ündone minor considerations, yet we will nmke the great principies of liberty paramouot in politics. Resolved, That any enactments of our State making distinclions in the administration of law or in the exerci6e of the elective franchise, on account of color, aro eubversive of the very foundation of juetice, repugnant Lu the principies and genius of our government, and a foul blot upon our statuto books and upon our constitntion. Resolved, That when personal liberty is at state, to be denied a trial by jury is an act of legielation, worthy only of the verriest despot. Resolved, That we havo hstened and followed quite long enough to thuse politicians that cry "Lo here or Lo there," and that 'lis high time to listen to the cry of thedovvntrodden that lias been going up to heaveu for vengeance for more than half a century. Resolved, That a slavehulding president of a free peoplo is a etrange compound of warring elemente, that can no more exiet iu, the same man thao can the service of God and mammon. Il was then resolved that the abo vc proceedings be pubiïshed in the Signal of Liberty. After prayer, offered by F. ]. Lansing, the convention adjourned, sine die.