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Henry Clay A Debtor!

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(CThe following ia a terrible retort upo the Honorable (!) Henry Ciay for hia las boast ia the Senate.Ma. Lditou: In an extract from Mr. Olay's remarks upon the Loan Bill, pubished in your !ast, he saye, 'ihat for twen;y or thírty years, neither he nor his wife íad owed any man a doüar.' I belteve Mr. Clay to ba a frank, opennearted man, who would ecorn to knowingy tell a talaehood. Still, I must ihink tiím in the present instance very niuch mistaken. He owna a plantation near Lexmgton, Ky. which he carries on with the labor of about fifty slaves. He has kcpt this number at work for the past 20 and perhaps 40 years, and has not paid ihem their wages. Eátimating the labor of eacli Aand to be vorth $100 perannum, thal of the whole would be $5,000. This ib twenty years, would be $100,000. I have not computed theannual interest, bul presume it arnounts to another $100,000. Elere then we have two hundred thousand lollars, due from Henry Clay to his laborers for their service during the last twenty years. Of the amount of Mr. Clay's property,ï cannot give a very accurate estímate. A neighbor of mine, who called upon him sometime pince, says he has large and beautiful woodland pastures, and a very valuable stock of cattle. He also holds by a title, I should not consider very good, iïfty men and women. l should doubt whetherall his property, real and personal, would sell in these times, for 200,000. U not, then Mr. Clay owes bis laborers, for their services the past twenty years, more than he is worth. And with all my respect for his talents and patriotism, 1 must ihink him the wrong one to say 'he owes no man a dollar.1