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The following resolution was passed without a dissenting voice, by llio Senatorial Convention, on Wednesdoy last. "Resolved, That wc will give our súfrales to no ma for any oilicc, wht s ïot knovvn asan u(icomromiiinr temperanee man, as well as au inflexible auotionist." The unanitnity of this respcctable body on hia point is an indication that the T mpeance cause, as well as a bol it ion, in tliis State, will henceforth go on the Iwo lege of moral suasion and politica! action. We do not cnow, nor have wo heard of an abolitionist in his State, who is not in favor of carrying the principie of temporáneo to the ballot box. Let the child walk on both feet, and they will mutually support and strongthen each othor. The necessity of using two feet has boen seen for aome time among us. We have had an agent lecturing faithfully on the subject for a year or two, circulating tho pledge,extending Information on the evils of intemperance, and gathering considerable numbers into Bocietics, while at the same time, ono h.ilfcfthe community havo been wholly uninfluenced Iy Uiese endeavors.- VVhat has tl;e distiller cared for these tem perance operations so long as he could find market for his liquor - or the rumseller, so long as he could realize the profits of the sale? Whilo the temperance agent, with his books, lectures, and papers, has boenendeavoring- by moral 6uasion, to prevent the maktng of. drijükards, the tavern keepers and grog aellers, under the eanction oflaw, have carriud on a work of an opposite nature - the work of drunknrd making - and that, too, most succeBsfully, and if both eystems were steadily pnrsued down to the end of time, unlesa human nature should change, the ie6ults would Btill continue. Drunkcnness and drur - kard-making would still abound on the earth, on the last days of its existence.OTbe trial of Rev. John Pierpont of Boston hqg at Jast been brought to a close. The charges of immorality and neglect of pastoral dutioa were not suetained. The charge of harshness and want of courlesy in some of nis correspondpnce waB eustained, and ï)3 was ceusured therefor by the council, but thcy rcfused tp dissolve bis relatjon to tlïie So tho distülers and i um6cll.s are once moreïvanquiehed.