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General Intelligence: Horrible Calamity!: Syracuse In Mourni...

General Intelligence: Horrible Calamity!: Syracuse In Mourni... image
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Our villagc was visited last night wiili ono of' the must dreadful scènes witich, the! annals of our State can rovcal. About huif pastnineo'clock the alarm offire waagiv-j en, which proved to be in the carpenter's1 shop of E. T. Hayden.on the Oswego i nal. Our citizens repaired to the spot,to-j gether wiihour three fire engine companies. In the course of halfan höur an ex-1 plosión of gun powder took place, which,' melanch'oly to relate, sent instantaneously,;' some TfllIlTY of our fellow cilizens into, anoiher world ! We havo no time to I scribe the horrible scène, immediately af-! ter the explosión. TheHuilding while on fire was blown inlo atoms, and the buildings east and west were shatlered by the' concussion and fl} ing timbers. Aboul 30 firemen and others near the fire were instantly Uilled, being thrown in alldirec-! tionsjiüto the canal; fourorfive acwssthe' canal; and atnong them some oioar most respectable citizens, and, we are sorry to, add including about half a dozen of our most promising Young Men. The groans of the dying, tho franiic screams of wives, and children, brothcrs and sisters, who hndj lost their dearest earthly friende: ihe kill-i ed aml wounded carried from the scène to their homes; altogeiher, presented a, sight lo mclt the strongest heart. I Our whole village is in muurning and, distress. The stores this tnorning still 1 main closed. Such scènes as we have witnessed within ihe last "Z bours, may Heaven forbid our ever seeing again. [Here followa a list of the names of those killed and wounded. The number killed is 33. Wounded, 41;&bout 1-3 of whotn it was supposed would die.]We understand windows were brokcn' by ihe explosión, as far as Salina. The noise was very plainly heard at Üe Witt, fonr mileseast. The number ofkegs of powder which exp'.oded wcreabout 15. Wlien we are brought to refleclion that all this distress has been broughl upon us, by tho hand of un incendiary; a devil in! human shape; we are disgusted and tsick at heart, for poor human nature. The ularm (hut powder was in the building, was given,bul with such a want of energy as lo border on criminality. Many: supposed, also, that it was the mere trick. of ihc ii.cetidiary. - ! Stiïl anotlier shocking Occurrcnce The passengers from the west this mnr-j ning, mention that as tho cars froni Rochester were last night passing on the great Embankment, about 15 miles this 6ide of llocliesiei, ihe rí.!s were uiv.ed so u (o throwthe whole train off the Eiubankment' which at that place is from 10 tu 15 feet high. Several death are reported; number not ascertained. It must have been the work of somo de-' signing wrelch;as we understand the same nefarious act has been attempted several