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Poetry: Watchwords: A Hymn For Men

Poetry: Watchwords: A Hymn For Men image
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This is the first of two printings of Arthur Cleveland Coxe's poem in The Signal of Liberty (see also "Christians! Awake!" in the April 25, 1842 issue). Alternate titles: "The Call to Service" and "Christians! Awake!"

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We are living, we are dweiling In a grand and awful time ; Jn an age on ages telling, To be living- is sublime. Hark ! the waking up of nations ; Gog and Magog to the fray ; Hark! what soundeth? Is creation Groaning for its latter day? Will ye pJay then? will yedally Witb your music, with your wine! Up! it 13 Jehovah's rally ! Cod's own arm hatb need of thine. Harki the onset! will ye fold your Failh-clad arms in lazy lock? Up, O up, thou drowsy soldier; Worlds are charging to the shock. Worlda are charging - Heaven beholding; Thou haat but an hour to fight ; Now the blazoned cross unfolding, On - right onward, for the right. What.' fltill hug thy dreary slumbera ? Tis no time for idling play: Wreaths and dance, and poet numbors, Flout them! we must work to-day. Fear not ! spurn the worldling'a laughter; Thinc ambition - trample thou! Thou shalt find a long hereafter To more tlian tatnpts thee uow. 'O! let all the soul within you, For the truth's sake, go abroad ! Strike ! Iet every nerve and sinew Teil on ages- teil for God! Magog leadeth many a vassrl; Christ his few - hia little onea: Put about our leagued castlo, Rear and Vanguard are his sons! Pealed to blusb, to cower never; CroB&ed, baptized, and bom again, Sworn to be Chriet'a eoldiers ever, Qb, for Chriet, at leaet be men !