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The Mississippi Insurrection

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u nas lurned uut a more liumbug, 8 glaringas nol oven lo warrant tho butc?ior of a single score ofslaves, in tcrrorum to guard against ihc p'ols ihat might b luid. The foiluw letter tolls tho story. "Bayou Sara, July 2C, 1841. "I arrived here at 1 o'clock lo day,un the trial of the negroes has just torniinatec It has all endcd in smuke. The negroe aro all acquitted, as no evidence whuteve Cüuld bo Ibund against thera, and likowist tho white man uamed Mills. The tria was conducted befuro Judge Wyms anc six juryman according to tho black code All is quiet now, and the city is itsell which nieans as much as that it is oxcocd ingly iull."- N. O.Bce. 'Filis may end the matter, as to the present oxcitemeni, but its eiFecls ruutt rcmain on the minds of the slave population lor inany years. Aod what wjII bo