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Anti-slavery On The Poll Books

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Slavery has existed ainong us since we became a nation. Much had been thought, written, spoken, and printed against it till ovember3 1840, ivhen an organized opposition to ita cxistence, for ihe first timo in some sixty four yea-s, was found on the POLL jjooks of thirteen States. The votes tlien deposited werè given exclusively on the ground of political opposition to the principie of holding men as property. - Henry Clay remarked that the Anti-Slavery feeling was asfsuming a more alarminoform. The slaveholders look on our politicul action as exceedmgly ominious to their interests. While there have been two, great political contending parties, the Soulh i:ave thrown their votes for every measure which has been for thoirsupposed advantage, and have opposed every thing hostile to their views, and by acting alternately with and against each party, have kept both in subjection. No such game can be played with a party pledge.d steadfastly to resist their machinations; and should such a party succeed, the slave power, and slavery itself would be mmediately overthrown. Henee they dread its very existence, and nothing will ever quiet their fears until thoy learn that the last abolitionist bas ceased to vote, against slavery.