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August. 27.- The Land Bill passed tlio Sonate, with amenamente aftera spirited op; position - yeas, 28- nays 23. It was then taken to the House where all the ïmend- ments of the senate were concurred in excepl three, which apportioned the distribu. ' tion among the states according to the Fedj eral Representation in the lo Houses of Congress. These were rejected. The bill i went back to the senate, and the amendments to which the House dieagreed were receded from. So the bill passed, and will become a law when approved by the President. On Momuy, 30th, the Revenue bill was discussed, but no vote was taken. The Fortification bill was discussed several daye, but the senate and House have not been able to agree relative to an Hppro. priatlon of $30,000 for a survey of the south. ern coa6t. The Fiscal Corporation bill was to come up ïbr consideration in ihe senate on Wednesday. Il was thought it would bo laid upon the table in the senate, bocause, if passed, t would be quite certam to meet with the Executive veto. The bill appropriating L497,000 for the relief of the Post Office Department, passed the House by vote of 127 yeas to 43 nays. The bill appropriating 53,088 for the ex penses incurre d at the funeral of President Harr6on, passed the senate. The Bill to establish the Fiscal Corporation, passed, the senate, Sept, S, by a vote of 27 to 22.