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-The Baptist Churcliin Royalton Centre, (Mass.) have resolved that they ennnot invite a elaveholding Minister to enter tho desk (knovving him to bc such,) nor a slaveholding professor to sit witli iis at our communion tablo. 0The Friead of Man, with iis numcrous and able correspondents, discusses the ecclesiastical relations of slavery pretty fully. The principie of non-communion wilh slaveholders is wel! defended, and is fast gaining ground. Or-The Whig Convention, at Marshall, have nominated for Governor, Philo C. FulIer, ofLenawee County, and E. B. Bo6t wiek of Kent County, for Lieut. Goverr.or(fcj7"Intel!igence has been received of a jjreat mob in Cincinnati, in which the office of the Philanlhropist was dostroyed, and sereral lives veele lost. We shall give the particulars next week. (TThe President has vetoed the bül lor establishing the "Fiscal Corporation of the United States." We shall publish the mes. 6Bge next week. The Annual meeting of the N. Y. state A. jS. society takes plácelo day at Ulica. - A highly interesting anniversary is expected.QReturns from 68 towns in Vormont show an aggregate of 1336 votes for Titus Hutchinson, the Liberty candidate for Guvernor.