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Slavery A Cause Of Mobs

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Every sound thinker wijl acknowledge that the most important and impressive part of an education is that which wo derive, „as it were unconsciously, from the customs and usagea of society around us. What, then, must be the effect of living in a community where bowie knives, rifles, whipsand bloodhounds, are in constant requisition to force men lo work without wages? In a word, where robbery s sanctioned by custoin, and sustained by brute force? What mu3t be the effect of colored porters, or orrand boys, knocked down and kickcd, becnuse they dare ask for the money, which ihey know their masters wiM flog them for not bringing home? Is the Southern patrol learning respect for the laws, when he can and does with impunity, at any hour of the night, enter any negro hut, rob it of any thing he finds worth taking, and drive the husband out ofdoors, if he chancea to fancy the wife?