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-It will be soen bythe notice n another column that the íStatí Centra] Committee have oppointed a series of Stato Liberty Conventions in different pounties. Now concerning these, we havo a few suggeslions to make, which raay be useful to some, and will injure nobody. 1. The appoinlment of a Convention mounts io nothing in itself. You all know this, and yet it ought to be remembered. 2. The number present at the ConventionB will be deterrained by the readiness of pvery abolitionist to sttend them, and his efforts to induce otherí to be present. They tll be. large or small aB zeal or indifference prevails. JLet-nonebe found who are lukevarm. 3. The usefulnesa of these meetings wiil depend greatly upon the spirit tnanifestedbyl those who attend. Every one who can epeak to ediöcation. (and who cannot speak on this subject?) should prepare himself to add öomething lo the interest of the meeting if it ie but a mite. Think how highly a certain person was spoken of by the Lord . - "She has done what she could !" Cou!d ony thing have been said more higbly to her praisel If you will do as she did, you can pbtain the eame commendaticn. 4. Foreign aid cannot be relied on. We must abolitionize ourselves, and not wait to be acted on in a state of passiveness. A disposition to do nothing till we are inciled byi óthers, shows an inglorious, lazy disposilion in any body. Remember that, and exert yourself. 5. In the absence of public lecturere, and pf funde to pay thom, one of the grenteat 5üeans of doinggood, will be to obtainatthe' Conrentions, as many subscnbers as possis' ble for the Signal. No candid Whig or Democratcan pay for and read the Signal or any gopd abolition paper for a year without; being fully convinced ihat our principies are right, and will succeed.