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The North And The South

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The peoplc can surely be brought te aoe that men reared upon the bosom ol slavery, accustomed from infuncy to the exercise of despotic power, and are disqualih'ed lo rule a nation of freemen.- Thai men accuslomed only to a systein oi coerced labor, and themselves living ir splendor on the unrequited toil of others are altogether incompetent to legislate fui the industrious and laboring population ol the free States. That free and slave labor cannot, in fact, be made to prospei under the same system of legislation; and that in the preponderating iniluence of the Soulh in our national councils, the interests of the former will ever be sacrificed to thoee of the Jatter. The people surely can be made to understand,and that speedily, that the fluctuating policy of our na tiona! government, by which, for the last thirty years the business of the North has been vexed and destroyed, s all occaaioned by the ever-changing views of the South, growing out of their fixed determination tomaintain hersyslem of forced and extravagant expendilure upon an equality with the paid labor and frugal habils of the North, ft will not require any very protracted efibrt to make the people understand, that while at the North where one-haif the populalion do work of able-bodied laborers, capital can be ir.creased only at the rateof from five to six )er cent- at the South, where less than one third do the work and sustain the other two-thirds in idleness, capital, instead of being increased, must be conlinually diminished, unless it receive constant supplies from abroad. And thus they may see how it is, that, in the shape of bad dubls, millious upon millions of the hard earnings of ihe North, are annually lust at the South - swollowed up in the great southern vortcx occasioned by the waste and extravagances and riotous living of southern taskmasters. The historyof the suspended paper and almost universal bankruptcy oí the South may be speedily written out, and a copy put in the hands of every voter, by which it will be clearly seen, that the tax annunlly paid by the Vorth in support of southern slavery, is altogether enormous, when compared wuh il taxes for all other objects, and that, by consequence, the question of slavery comes to the tox-payers, not merely as question of philanthropy, or of rights, but as being an important relation to their' pockets. The multiplied invasions of slavery upon the rights of the free, its disastrous political power, its constantly disturbing influence upon the finance of the country, its absolute incompatability with the continuence of our free institutions, enn, by euitable instrumentalities, be all lirought before the people, so as to arouse ihem to an intense effort! to purify the land from the foul.syslem.such as has nol been witnessed in any political slruggle, since the disastrous day when the covenant,admittingthegangrene intothe body pohtic, was ratified by them.The business of butchering dogs is carried on extensively in New York. One hundred and sixty were killed last week, and one hundred and forly eight the week previous, which added to the number betbre reponed, makes the sum total of nine hundred and twelvedogs which have been slain eiRce the commencement of the war !