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Sept. 8-The revenue bill passed tha Senate by a vcxe or 33 lo 11. In the House, an amendment wasoffe ed to the revenue bill exempting frota j,'" ty salt,sugar, cotton, tobáceo, and fcL Salt was exempted, years 68-nay8 9 ron aod tobáceo lost; sugar and coiton were exempiod, y cas 105-nays 75 Seft. 9.-The vo:e of yefferday Oa the articlcs exempted waa reconSider ed, and tea andcoiïbe were also oxeropied yeas 178, nays 7. The second veto me.' sage of the President vas received by the, and read in the presence o( an iinmeuae muliitude of spcctalors. Bu ...- the discüssion on an appropriation j a n.issi.on to Naples, an altercatioQ ensued beuveen Mem ffe and SianJoy, Wlich ended in a violent and disgraceful oulra upn the dignity of the Öouse-in slíprt i JigkL Mr. appliod the vvorda "]lUu and conïeinptible" to Mr. Stanley, fj reiuiied with inucíi warmth, Finally, m Wise went round to the seat of Mr. Staa' ley for the pu'rpóse, as he subseqaepjjiJ stalcd, of reinonsfratingand warniug ihat gealietnan to beware íiow he spoke, They lia.j i:ot been in conversation lliree minutes beforè Mr. W.sè ninud a blow at Mr; Slöhley, wliich was reluroed by tha (alter wi.h a hearfy good vvill. Therwas a general cry of urder! and a rush W the sport frbin a!l paris „{ the House. riic cornbaiants were soon.separaled; ffl m Uio tneanümo, no-hcr níftir, of, Uifl sume chnrncter, ha(j convenced beUveen Butler, a Ijseo loco member from Koniuckv and Arm.M, a svh'ig .nember frora Tennc sec. U nat private griefs they had is m but certain it h, these latter gentlerm,, beldb ired cach olher vvith considcrab e unclion At lengt h peace was resored. Air. ,8Otben made a particularyhu,nble;,Polo,ylo the iJousenJ-,;. h.jmcd hi IoÜüw representatives that Mr bümley had given him liie lie. nnj cóurse eould net, &c. &c. &c. M. g '■ oy nul ho hrfd no npolo,-y ,n j VVisohHripveinhefirat insult, whic'h he had r.1,lv.1Ie;J 1)y )is .ren)()I13Irance„_ Mr. b. förlher mtimated hat he vvould havoglveil the olhcr mo.nbers would have hem kind enoiiol, t0 stanby and See fair play without A .mmitteo of seven was appointed to inquire ,nu, ,,e afïUir, and report Úit puniihment is proper. Sept. 10 -In the Senate Mr. B.yardV Pesoltttkuj.fur the employment of fiWrJ portera at a. Saary „ot e.xceeding $80 a week, lor. the principal repórter, and $50 per Weelc Tor e„ch ofïhe JthefswasTh j Commiitee on ihe Wse and Stancy hg"t reponed .nfavor of a reprimand (without saying Woh shoud )ci insult noih& m Ihe floor f h fo a raembor. should bfcxpdled. M. Adam, ndiciiled ihe idèa of valuiiiJ e peace nnd dign.ty of ,ie House d Kepresentauvcs in CpbgresYnt 100_ Ai-er a dad debate, twvotedas ' auo the proper acknorledgmènt lo the W"e,aiKl [Jepar!i(.3 il:Kj honorabIv tÜed the coMM-oversy beUveen thmve no furiher pniceedinr s1Ou!d bo had -. So the slflvehoiding bqiKës can growl and fight agaia frt pieassjre. Üt. ihe iastdny, Möndfty, fhc House had no quorum. Atter djoner, the insoiration carne on Mr. Marshai!. of Xieniu'cky, to Bike a speech pn tiie Veto, 'i'he Señale was occupied in cxecutive session uotil 11 ) 'Ctock, and tiie session cloged. Mr. Wiekffe, of Kenlucliy, was nominaied Pust Piaster General, in ihe place ol Mr. Grap.icr, ond the wbole list wad cnnfinned.-l Air. Kveiett also was confirmed, the proofs oí íiis íidehty to siavery heing deemed compleie. Mr. VV,ISün, and gome othe, who had been oijecled lo on" similar Jiioucds, were ikewise compurgated nnd $M.ed,;alJ exeeptGov. Rimer, who was iihdrawn, oetensibly on acconnt of lus ieiijjg blind.(ErAIr. Ewing has published n !on; letter to Mr. Tyler, giving his reasons fo resigning.nnd churgmg the President witl duplicity, deceit, weakncss, &c. unbecoro ng a gentleman. Mr. Webster lias announced his delcrminalion tohold on k )is present situaiion wnh tl.e view Umi be wings wil! ultimaiely unite, and heft w.shcs be reaüzed. The N. Y. American saysof Mr. Tyler: íÍae to his country, fu!se lo ÍÍ friends, alie to lumself, he stands before (ie naon, branded as wanting alike in the disnterestedness of a patriot, U,e fidelily of m"."'0010' a"d "ie hnor üf a e"tleA zealous friend in Boston writes that the cause ofliberty is onward in that State and ia travelhng much in MassachusetO he has not been able to find the first man who voted the Liberty ticket last fall who s sorry he did so, while expressions of rejret for taking an opposite course met him svery where.