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gjThe following ia an extract from a letter ofour indefatigable friend S.B.Tread TfEW) who is out on a tour attending the different State Conventions. We hope to receive the proceodings frora diiferent places eoon, ard to hear that they were well attenled, and very efficiënt in doing good. Those in the vicinity of the places wliere they are appointed should feel that the whoJe respongibility reets upon them, and should make t a matter ofconscience in every possibJe case to be personally present. It will be seen ihat a Convention iy appointed at Kalainazoo, on Tuesday, October 5; and another at Adrián, Oct. 12; at Jacksou, Oct. 19; and at Ann Arbor, Oct. 2L: 'Will not the uumerous and staunch friends of Liberty in ihc old and populous counlies ófOakklnd n:i! W'ayne crown the series ofour í-.-f - -y Converuions, nnd prove that the -.-. uïne was Iccpt till the last of the feam."' U s., let their county central committees, nssociated with a kw aciive friends of Liberty, who will lake the rcsponsibility of rousing up our frieods, and of calliug tl.e special attention oi'their whole counties lu (heappointíTjcntí; ai once apply to Dr. A.L. Porter ofPetroit, a member of ihe State central committee, (as I shall be absent from rny place of retid e nee for some dayn) ünd the Dr. can use the ñames of ihe "oiher me rabera of the committee associated wi-.h his own, in making the appointments (if desired) in the next"Signul." öhould our New Yotk and Ohio speakers be with us at these Conventions (sotne of whora I sirongly hope ano expect will be,) they could very conveniently take the Oakland and VVayne Conventions on their way honieward ihrougli Detroit. Yours &c, With fraternal renard, S. li. TREADWELL, ClvnCii State Central Committee. P. S. 1 receive frequent Communications saying "our frinnds are constantly on the alert giving nolices of the Convetitions, &c. far and yide among the people.' I trust new and sound converts are soon m be made to the iiberty cause in our State by scores, hundreds and thousands, und that, bolh old and new converts will cómelo these Conventions fullofthe ppirit of liber:y, and let their lights shine.


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