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Letter From Kalamazoo

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{L?Our esteemed friend Dr. Thomas, has sent us recently the namea of 27 subscribers for twelre weeks, accompanied by the following encouragiog nformation: Schoolckaft, Sept. 24, 1841. Executive Committee, Mick. S. A. S. S. - We held our Senatorial Convention yesterday at Kalamazoo. J. P. Marsh of this county received the nomination for Senator; you will probably gei the pr'oceedingsofthe Convention for publication by the time this reaches you; also, the nomination of John S. Porter for Representativo, tofi'.l the vacancy occasioneel by the resignation of A. H. Edwards, by a Couniy Convention called for thal purpose, which was held on the8ih inst. 'f he eandtdates we have selected here, if elected, would l)o capable of discharglng the duties ofthe various offices for which they have been nominaled, with honor; and as redecís cliaracier, our ticket will be as resnectableas any ever presentcd to tlie Jeoplo of this couniy. The delectes to the Senatorial Conven tion from Cass and Van Buren counties, agreed to hold a nominating convention the 12ih of October at Cassopolis, in Cass ouiity (o nomínate candidates for Representativos. Those counties are associatod ogether in the choicè ofRepresentatives, so ihat you will perceive the good cause is irógrcssipg in the western cuuntiesof the State. ResDectfwIlv vn:irs