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Literary Remuneration

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-Lordron received irom JMurray nearly ten dullars a line for the fourth caivo of Childe Harold, or about as much for two linea, ns Millón obtained for Paradise Lost. This well illustrates the ditierencebetween the intrinsic and market value of an anide, a difference which many love to confound. It is nut safo lo carry southern challéis too near Niágara Falls. A slave recenily left her masier at one of the hotels thcre, and whether she went over the calaract orovertho river, ís more than the looser can teil. Must be careful. A train of cars on the London and Birminliam rail-road, recently performed the dislance of 1124 miles in 2 hours and 57 minutes. Henry A. Wise is known at Washington as Mr. Otherwisejand those who act with him are called the other-wise party. Ö-The whole vote for the Liberty Ticket, in Vermont amounts to 2794 a very respectable advance on the 319 given last fall- and on the 1100 given for Censors last pnncr.


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