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State, Senatorial And County Liberty Conventions

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In comphance with recent repeated and urgent eolicitations from many devoted friends of hberty in varioue secüons of the btatc, we hereby appoint the followina atate hberty Conventione, viz: At the Court House, in Kalamuzoo, KaW amazoo Co., on Tuesday, 5th day of October next, at 10 o'clock. A. M. At the Court House, in Adrián, Lenawee Co., on Tuesday, tho i2th day of Octobe next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. At the Court House, in Jackson, on Tuesday, the I9th day of October next, at lo o'clock, A. M. At Ann Arbor, on Friday, the 22d dav of October, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Some of the above appointments are dssignedly raade at the saine time and placea of the appointments of Senatorial and County Conventions ior liberty nominalions Ulher Conventions may hereafter be ap pointed in case the friends of libertv in othsr eections of the State shall desire'it. Tha Central Committee have made the above appointments in the fullest confidente thal each and every inencl of liberty, more especially m those scc'.ions of tha State where tho Conventions are to be held, will spare no reasonable effurte or means fully to prepare the way for Jarge and useful Conventiona (to be contimied one or Uro davs, accordinjr to circumstanccs) fay getting üp an intereet without delay, by meaus of lecturing, circulating papéis, handbills, writtcn communications, &c. kc, in all the counties, towns, schooi diatncta and neighborhoods in the vicmity where such conventions are t . ', holdt Almost every thing relative to Ihè ituèrgt and usefulnees of these atníflíj wil! Jepend upon the amount of i,i!.st Ui.a sacrinces which shall be manifestod by ihe frienda of liberty, in thoroughly gettiog Uiem up. Messrs. James G. Birney, Thomas MorriB, Alvan Stewart, Gerrit Smilh, Joshua L-eavitt, and other distinguished friends of liberty, will immediately be written to, to make a visit to our State, if possible, to attend some or all of the Convenlions. But let no fnend of liberty n Michigan depend too much upon foreign aid, but corae to tho Conventions himself, full of the spirit of hherty, ready to speak for the poor slave. andhis lone abused eonntnrS. B. TREADWELL,) State A. L. PORTER, C Central N. DURFEE, J Cominiuec Jackson, Sept. 15, 1841.


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