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The State Convention of the Liberty party met pursuant to notice at the Court House in the village of Kalamazoo, and was organized by calling J. S. Porter to the chair and nominating R. P. Stevens Secretary. Messrs. Thomas, Treadwell and Wagar were appointed a business committee who reported the following resolutions viz: Resolved, That American Slavery, founded as it is upon all the crushed rights of 3,000,000 of colored people, and unjustly voting as it does for the same - is not only a monstrous legalized system of wickedness of immense magnitude - but an overwhelming political monopoly, in the hands of an oligarchy of 250,000 slaveholders, which by holding the balance of political power in the nation, has long rigidly controlled its offices, its finance and all its great interests, and has thus tyrannically subverted the constitutional liber-liberties of more than 12,000,000 of nominal American freemen. Resolved, That our fathers might as well have continued moral suasion alone, against the tyrannical aggression of Great Britain upon them, as for the people of the nonslaveholding states in this nation to continue to use, moral suasion alone, against the constant aggressions upon their rights and liberties, of the twelve hundred million political slave monopoly, of the 13 slaveholding states of this nation. Resolved, That we respectfully and earnestly recommend to all county central committees in the State, that they make no delay (where they have not already done) in thoroughly organizing town and school districts in their respective counties, by immediately appointing in each, an efficient liberty committee of from one to five in number, according to circumstances, and that county central committees at once devise effective measures that all such town and school district committees within their respective counties, be amply supplied with correct liberty tickets for the approaching election, with an especial request that they be as judiciously distributed as possible. Resolved, That we will most cordially give our support to those noble spirits whose names are now before the people, viz: James G. Birney, for President and Thomas Morris, for Vice President of the United States, and Jabez S. Fitch, for Governor, and Nathan Power, for Lieutenaut Governor of this State, and would earnestly recommend that all the friends of liberty in the State would do likewise, and a!so to give their undivided support to the county and senatorial nominations. Resolved, That while we are greatly rejoiced to learn that our sister State, Vermont, at her last election, has increased her liberty vote more than 500 per cent., we will neglect no honest and honorable means, that Michigan at her approaching election, shall still retain her noble preeminence of giving the largest liberty vote according to her population of any state in the Union. Resolved, That we are greatly encouraged in the prosecution of our self-sacrificing and arduous enterprise, to see so rapid an increase of our brethren- the true friends of liberty is this and other States. Resolved, That the free labor is the all-absorbing interest of our country, and as such, the question of Tariff, Bank, SubTreasury, &c. sink into insignificance, when brought into contact with it. Resolved, That duty and the best interests of the country demands of the officers in the different departments of government to discharge their respective duties, so as to promote the free labor interest, as the great leading interest of the country. On motion of Mr. Wagar, the meeting was resolved into a county convention and the following town committees with power to increase their number were appointed pursuant to the 3d resolution of the State Convention. Charleston, John C. Beach; Richland, J. S. Porter, Simeon Mills, Rockwell May ; Climax, Doct. Thayer, Friend C. Bird, Joel Gardner; Texas, James Billings, A. G. Tower, Allen Dwelly; Pavillion, James Noyes, Hector Wagar, Wm. Carnes, Chancey Dean ; Prairie Ronde, Delamore Duncan; Kalamazoo, R. P. Stevens; Brady, J. Burson, Jesse Thomas and Jonas Allen; Comstock, Wm. Cochran; Oshtemo. J. P. Marsh. Dr. N, M. Thomas was appointed chairman of the county central committee. Resolved, That the proceedings of this Convention be published in the Signal of Liberty. R, P. STEVENS, Sec'y. President Tyler has recently been burnt in effigy in Louisville by a mob of a thousand persons, in Nashville, in Wilmington, and other places.