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Now that the candidatos wiio are to be voted for on the first and second days of November are generally selectcd,veshall throw out sorr.e remarks on their character and , qualjfícations. We sny in tho firsl place, that the cause ■ of Liberty and equal rights, has nothing to hope froni tlie election of the canditiaies j nominaled by the Whigand Democratie partie8. It is true that &u)er'iy and equality are trumpeted forth by the papers which advocate their eleclion ftom week to weck, hut it is now well underslood,that ihoir duclaratious refer only to the w hjie popuhtion of the Union, and that the remainmg thrce diillion3 must receive, es a matter of favor and not of right, such legislative crumbs as white legiislatofa may choose to bestow. - Their rights nre practically denied by ill the candidatos of hoth pames. Wliere can onc be foühd whi) dares to conlcnd that tlu-. col- ored populaiion of this State onght to be' secured m tiieir homes by a jury trial, or that the colored citizeii wlio pays ta.X'-'S should be allowed to vote? Ncilhcr of the par!)cs pretendió be in favor of doing jusiice in these respect; a.nii if llie candidates were quesiioned on these poiuif!, some would thitik tliem small matïeri, iinwoflhy to consume tbt! timo of the Logislature, and all would agree that it was ne.vpedient to prcs9! tliose propositions now. We see, theiijthat v.'hichever party may succeed. the equalriglHs of all men, for which our fathers foufjlit and dicd, will not have; a single advocate in Uie cgislature. tVcondly, we say íhat tl.e canse of tem(erance wijl gain notliing by the clection of eithersetof candidatea. Tne great manrity of' our legislators are ruindriniters.ancl furnjsh the poison to otliers. We are credib!y informed that all our Governor' s thus far have habitually used intoxicating Iiquors, and have provided, tlicm for the members of the Logislature nnd their frienda generally. - Have we any renson to bejieve frorn what we know of thein that Mr. Fuller or Mr. Barry will depart from l'no footstej)3 o f their proderessors? Wliat tetnperanee man wishes to have a dram-drinker or a wihe bibber for Governor? Who does not know the power of the exaraple of those in high stations? Who duee not know ilint if our Governor, comes out to Ann Arbor, or Jackson, or Marshall with hi.9 frit-nds, and publicly cul!3 fortiie wine or brandy boLüe for the use of hunself and friend?, that that very faci lenJs powerfully to give tono to public sentiment in favor of the use of the drunkards drink, nndtendsalso to render the efforts of the friends of temporáneo, in the eyes of the ignorant and unthinkJhof, igatory and des picüb'e. What friend of (emjierance would wi.s-h for such a What temperanceman will votk for euch an one?There have been thus f;r but very few nembers of the. kgislalure who have nol' tised inioxicaliug drinks, and we have been tolil thit tiieir ciiluence is greatly circum-' scribed from that very circumstance. They i do not havo their ('sel downs" to wine every few evenings to discus? pubüi: business, and ■ determine what! be done, and of course! they are accoumed as odd sheep by their ess scrupnloiis brethren who adil tbe inspir-1 alion of Bncchu8 (o tFieir own natura! tal- ents. Hoy sliould they have infiuence svho ïare not sense cnough lo use the moans necessary for its acquisilion? We have learned that peMUons to tho leg slature for tl e abolition of the License Sys-' tem will becirculated throngh tlv? State for 8ignaltirea eoon. The number of temperance' voters in this state must amount to eome' thousstñds. Now we ast? esch one of tliese! hov he can consistently vote for a prorum ' legielator, in practice and theory, and im-' roediately petition him to do that very thing he hnew when he voted for him tliatj be would not do. The voter knows his petition will be vetoed,and be ought in consistency, to refuse hjs suffrage to such a candidato, or refuae to petilion him after his1 election. Thirniy, we remark that men of general i profljgiicy of cliaracter, and those vvho are habitually and grossly vicious, áhould not be trusted wiili power. They umvorthy of; it . They will not use it rightly. Tiieir plans will be selfish and contracted. Among! the candiíiatf for popular favor have for- I mer!y been found the drunkard, the gacnbler, t'ie icentions proflígate, the brutal rufíiun j who attacks his ncighbor in the street fov a real or supposed injury, [there have been prominenl cases of tfm kind,] aud the man ivho opposes the progresa of every moral rei'orm. aud openly denouncea the great truths of Christianity an a delusion and a humbug. We say there have heen such candidates,and we ask our readers (o Iqok. well to t that ihpy do not vote for such at the coming eloc tion: for such men oiicrht not to make laws to govern society. Their very cxarnple is s pestHential and corrupling; and the phil.mthropic part of couimunity ougl)t noc to assist in elevating men to n station where their vices and crimes, by means of their official influrnce, will to a great extenl the leading influences of society. FourtlWy, we remark, that among the par ty candidates are usually eomo nearlj? olliedto those last mentioned, wbo are characier-[ ized by a mixture of indolence, imbecility and dishonesly. Siu-li are commonly wiihout nny steady business: but are, notwilhstanding, "great politicians," Although they have nei'.her property nor credit, and tbeir uearest neighbor would think il hazardoua to furnish thcm with five dollars and take thoir word and note both for sccurity - yct they continue to live in the world, and often obtain nominations as a reward of party services. Now wo wou!d 6ay to every voter in the State, the man whoiu you will j not trust !ny smal! amount, because yon' ar afrdid he wilt not pay you is not the man you cught to vote for. He vi!i hetroy any interesls (hat niny bo conuniited to his hands, when the temptation becomes strong enough. He wfi.o is too lazy or too Unavish to piy his honest debls, ooght not to lt-gislate for hom-at men. Fifilily, we say there is another class of men ainong t!ie party car.didates who are unworlhy nf reciiving suffrages, and those are the mei-e politicians - the sCrict partizans The country to them is nothing, but the ! party, evcry (hing. We cannot better desígnate tliem than by reforring to the :onduct of t he Democratie members of the Legisiaturc lost vvinler, in reference to rcducing their pay. How chüdiih, eimple, and disgraceful weie_tde pitiful evolutions they practiceu! Yet members of that party jus lify their infumous course, by skying that thatwafl the best way :hcy could harrassand ! ve the Vi,is! As thoiigh thev ivere paidj S.ï per day fur a liundred days, in order lliat ihey mièht overreach and vex each o! her. - Ttmt sessiun was a disraceful one; and ihu Whigs of thls Senatorial District have boen so sensible of the force of -public sentiment that they havo droppcd all thtir old members, and presented to the public a new set. Ifwo have been correct in our pBeaiisgsj tiitts iar, it foll.nvs that tlnio are vaiiJ ub joctions ïgaiiitt all the candidales of the ÍUvo grcat parlies, which ouglit lo preclude ; tbem í'ruin rtceiving ihe votes of thoso who seek tho gooJ of society. He who is ui'raiij o advocate the cqual and just rights of uil - who giv;.'s his exainple, influencc and vole nraiiiát the Utnperance cause - who is ! iiuaüy and rossiy immoral - who is indolent, j s ii i ft I ca a and rroLuonsi!Ie - ur who is a mere purty toanager, regardless oftiio pubiicgood, is unfit to be a c!:ef magislr.tte ora 1 tor for .Michigan. iow the LiBt.KTY Pakty offers to lie voters íii' ihc St.iie a set of men whö are unexecplionabls in all these points, nnd ye1 i qtiahiiod by cat-acity and general knowlcdgc! fur the bituaiio:;s for whicli they ure J tod. Ja buz S. Fitcu, of Marshall, who lias i been seleetcd as theu candidate for Governor, has been known for years atnong u s a centlemau ot'encrcv ofcharacter,ty, philanthrupy and genera! knowlcdge, j wiiile liis connection with the mercantil bu siness has retidcied jim familiar with the eituatinn of our pecunia ry cfFcnra. la Nathan Powek, of Oakland, wo find a substanlial, pruelical farmer, uoiversaüy rcspectr.'d for hu applicaiion,, i sound undeffitaudiog and eneral jirobilj' of chiracler. Me has been a resident of the State mnuy yrars, and is weilacquainted with its situation, its resources, and ts wants. In regard to the nominalion for Senators from this District, we ask our readers who are ncquaiiüed with Mu.v.vis Kenny Pnd Edwakd P. Gay, t( compare theiraualiticatiuns witlj liioso of their opp.unenls. We ask tiie ea me inveeUgation in reftrence lo t!)B Liberty taiidiciaies lo the Logislature generalij. If they aro not g.od men, do not vote for ihem. Bnt if they are, why shotild they not recoive your votes? SiíppnBé tiie entire Liberty ticket should be elocted ín t!iis State, would any evil consequences result from if? Wliai will the people gain by the euccese of the VYhig or Democrauc parties which they would not ghia by the success of tlie Liberty party? Is thore any reason to suppose their administraiion would be more unsalièfactory and dlsastrous than tliat of the Whig for the last two years: or that of the Democrats for the fyur years previou-? Tlie Ohv War, the charteriog of forty odd wild cat banks, the wasting and mismanagement oí the five million loan, and the principie of granling unlimited suspensions of specie payment to insolvent Banks, argue but poorly fur the capwcity or integrity of thosc ivhö have been at t!it helm ofgovernment. To retrieve it affairs and reputa tion, the State needa a set of public servanfs at once capahle, faithful ond honesl,zxA such th'3 Liberty pariy presente; and neither ils pecuniary aiiairs nor politica 1 standing will ever be greatly alterad for the bet- ter, until men poasessing such qiiatificalions sliall be selncted by the people to make their laws, and see that they are faithfully executed.ilThe citizens of' Evansville, (fa.) have held a meeting to consider should be done in reference to the uncommon influx of colored people into the town. They appointed acommi'.tee offive to examine nto the character of the eclored people of the town and neighborhood, wilh nstructions to grant certificutes of good character to such as they should thiok worthy, and to give noticu to the rest to quit within a specified time, and if they refu3ed or neglected to re move, measures should be taken to compel their rentoval. They also voted that no unlaw(ul means of compulsión should be resorted to ti the nigKt time !