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Union Missionary Society

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'Die íirst nutnber of the Union Missionary ïlerald has reauhed na, published at Hart ford. Cl, We have apprised our readers thut a new Mis.-ionary society hasreccnlly been fornied at Hartford, designed to cnncentrat'j the contnbutions of the coloreil Christians, and of thul larg.i and jrpcwmg class of meralicrs in the Evangelie-al ciiurehes, vvho cantiot conscientiously contribute to the funds ofnny society lliat solici.s conlributions from slavtilulders and (nrk-' thotn momboroof ito missionary boardd and ts coüitnittees, anJ tl.ereby proclaim. ihat holJing property in man is uut conlrary to tlmt Cbristianiiy wnich it propágales. The object of the sopiétji ia dcclared by the constitulicn tobe 'to evangelizo (liosa portions of the globe whidi are most deslitute of the Gospel." Any tniïinber of au eva'ngolical churci3,not a slave lioldor, moy become a inember of ihe society, ly aigriiííg the constiiutior), a; d paying .üjiiiinily nol lss ihan onf3 dulhr. The rirst proj-ctod Missionory station ie iVIendi. Cinqu'j and iiia compaöions are anxious to return. to tiicir native country, and are desirous oí having a eralion established there.:Ji63ions nol cunnoctsu ivith slavery havo been established by the American Wesleyan Missionary Society, among tho fugitive slaves in Canada, by the Frcewül Bapti3tsin Brilish India, and self-supportinganü-slavcry missions have been onginated and eustaincd in Canada, Jamaica, aud Oregon. The American Ikptitil A. S. Coovcntion liave also appointcd individuáis to receive the iiinds of tljose who cannot consistently transmit them throug!) the exisling chanDels.