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In Ann Arbor, on the lötu inst, Caroline fVorcesler, oged 10 years and 6 months, youngest daughter of Rev. J. P. Cieaveiand. Rsrely, we bcüeve, hs ono so young been foHowed to ihe gravo by so largc a number of sincere and heart-stricken mourners. iier very remarkabl muturity of intellectual and moral character had rendered her an object of peculiar interest. While her benevolent and afTectionate temper, the -jntle mildness of her deportment, herscrupulous regard for the feelings of others, and the pure moral principies which seemed to govern her feehngs ar.d actions, gained her the uffectton of all who knew her. By her teachers and fellow pupile, in the Sabbath school and elsewht-re, her memory vvill long be chensüed with the most tender afiection. To her weeping parents and to al] those of lier acquaintances who have been accustomed lo waich the duvelopraeut of tbereligioüs character ín the minds of the young, there can remain no doubt that God has pre pared her by his Spirit for her early deparé ure, All her deportment during lier last severe illuess, and the calin compoeuro with which, in perfect consciousness of her approaching end, &he met the laat dread struggle, forbid her friends lo 6orrow as thoBe that have no hope. On Sunday afternoon, after very appropriate religious 6ervicee in the Presbyterian Church, wliich ere performed by the Rev. Prof. Whiiingofihe University, herremains were followed to the burial gronnd by a wecping throng of the aed and the young.- Standing around the grave the children, her late cornpanions in the Sabbalh school, 6ung tin: hynii), Farewell; - wo meet no more, and Ihe loved form was then laid in ia last resting place on earth, to wait the archangels ti uinpet, and then, To rise n ful! ïmmorta] prime, And bloom lo fade no more. On Saturday morning I6th inst., Henbt Chdrch, aged 17 years.