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TAKEN ÜP BY the subscriben, living n the town of Green Oak, Livingston Connty, on the 5th of October, insf.. a dark brown steer, two years olcf ; no oiher marks perceivablc. Tho person, owning such eteer, will come forward, prove property, pay charges and take hun away, othervviso he will be disposcd of according to law. JOHN MONAHAN. { Green Oak, Oct. 131341. ' THRESillNG MACHINES, IIORSE POWER, MILLS, fcc. THE undersigned are manufacturmgnnd will keep constantly on hand at thcir shop twoanda Irilf miles west of Anti, Ar!or, n?ar the Rail Road, HORSE POW EIIS nnüTHREyHING MACHINES.The horse power is n new invention by. S. VV. Füstdr, and is d .cidedly superior (o, any fhing df the kind ever beforc offered tl. the Public. The pnce of a Four HorsePower, witli a good Threshing Machine is 10 doll.trs, at the bhop; without the Machine, ninely dollars. These Horse Powers can be uscd with tvvo, ihree or fuur horses to góod ;ulvantage. Three men with two horsen, enn lhresh one hundred bushels of wheat per day (if it yields middling vvell, and it wi!l not be hard work for the horsés. The Horse Power and Thiesher can bothbe put n a coinmon waggon box, nnd drawn any distance by two horses. The Two Horse Power will be sold at the shop, witli the Thresher for one humïied dollars; wilhout the 'Vhresher, for seventy-five dollars. They iilso manufacture STRAW CCJTTERS, recent ly invented by S. W. Foster, wiiich are decidedly preferable tö any others for cutling straw or corn stalks, by horse or water power. They also work by hand. - Price, fifteen dollar?. - ALSO- CAST-IRON AilLLS for grinding provender, at the rate of six to oight bushdspor hour, uTth tvvo horses or by water. - Atso - (tTSMUT MACHINES of superior construction. Invented by S. VV". Foster.- Price, sixty doliary. S. VV. FOSTER, & Co. Scio, June 23, 1841. 10-ly MORTGAGE SALET" fTEFAULT having been made in tlie 1@ y enndition of a Mortgage execueJ by liufus Cfósmah and Lucy his wife, to the undersigned, January fifteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty eight, and Recors ded in the Registers oflïce, in lbo county of Washtenaw, in Líber No. seven, pagethreo hundred and oue, of the cqual undivided half of the "Scio Will j)roperty," including the. waier-power, Mills and Machinery.and about twenty five acres of land,aoioining the villag& of Scio, in caid ounty, and lying on botli sides oí the River Uuron, together with the righls of flowing lands covered by the mili pond, (for a more particular dcscription of the premisos? refi-ronce is made to the record of Baid mortgnge,) and no proceedings at law having bepn instituted to colli-ct the ciebt tsecured by said Morlgagc or any part there,of. Notice is hereby given, that eaid Mortgage wül be foreclused by a sale of tho uiortgagod premises (or sume part of themj at public vendue ot the Court House, in Aon Arbor, in said county on the sixleenth day of November next. nt noon. SAMUEL VV. FOSTER Morgagee. Kjngsi,ey &, Mclrpan, AÏty's. Dated Scio, August 9ih, 1841. TAILOKING BUSINESS! AM. NOBLE, would respectfully in fonn the citizens of Ann Arbor and its vicinity, that he hss recently opened a shop in the Lower Town, immpriiately over the late mercantile stand of Lund -Gibson, and opposite the shoe store of J. Beckley, &c Co., where lie is prepared at. all rimes to do work in his line, wilh prompiness, and in a ncat Mid durable manner. Particular attention will be paid to cutting garmenls. Produce will bë taken ot the usual prices, for work done at bis shop.- Those who have cash to pay for services ol this Uind, are particular invited to cnll. P. S,- VYanted, a boy from 12 l o 15 yean of age, as an appreníice lo the Tailoring Business. Ann Arbor, October G, 1841. ÖNLY SEE! 'SHILLING CALICÓES FOR ) PENCE." THEsubsnüicr hasjust rece i ved from New York, to seli on commistion, a general assortment of DRY-GOODS which he will sell much lower than hns ever before been offored in this place- for specie or Eastern funds, or an equivalent. He designs making it a ready pay business, conseqnently no credit will be given. DWIGHT KELLOGG. Ann Arbor, (lovver village, No. 5, ) Huron block,) Oct. Cth, 1841. S L Produce of every Descriitïon MECEIVED in paymont for Job work, i Advertising and Subscriptions tothe "Signal of Liberty," if delivcred at the Oflice, immediately over the St?re of JBeckley, &, Co. Ipri 28. liiauks ! üiaeaks ! ! Uijiuks ! ! ! JTUST PRINTED, on fine paper ano QfP in a superior style, a large assorl ment of blank sumraons, subposnas, Executions, Lic. - For eale at this oflice. Woocl! Wood! Wood! WAN.TED IMMEDIATELY, a few cords of good hickory wood in Vchange for the "SjGruL of Liberty."