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The American Board And Slavery

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The folio wing appears in tlie Liheralor as l part of a letter from Abel Brown, dated ! bany, Aug. 23, 1341. The statements ojj Mr. Jones were made in the prcsenceof Mrs. ' Stevvart, and Miss Briggs of Triy. They show tho nature of that religión h which the Board propngates among the hea l then- making the gospel to pancVion ; bery and opnrcLsion in their most odious i forme. líl'io gospel sliould be propagated j universally by the agency of our present Missionnry Boards, aocording the cxample here set for them by tbeir inslructors, the heathen Christinna would all be slaves or siavehoklers - the óppreifofs of their brelhren, or the victime of oppression. IIow long will Christians give their money to propaato such a religión, andbaplize it by the name of ChrisLianity. Should such a eystem overspread the earth, would our Father in HeavMi bc pluesec! to see ono half of his creatures selling, trading and u&ing ihe oilier l)alf} aa beasts of buri&i] Whife such a state ofthings should last could bis will be said to be dono on carlh as it js in lleavei? , Ciirist cameto save men from all their 6ins: these Missionary Boards Eend the lieathen reliious teachers who praclicc and advocate ae a gospel institución oac of t!je sins he condemned. May tfie urne be hastened when a wiiüle Gospel be preached Uiroughout the er.rth. Mr. Ahner D. Jone?, assisiant iïissionsionary among the Chocktaw Indians. and under ihe direcíiun oí the American Board of Commissioners for Foreigti Mlásibns'l befóg ÍQ the city of Tcoy, N. Y. August 20tii, 1841, made the fullowing sta'.etnetits: ' Ti;o Gherokee, Creek, and Choc'ó'aw ' lri'..cs of luiüans aro many of (licm sittVC hoidcií, md íreüt líicir negj;ooa as slavcs, nnd will nol fuffor any Mis?ionury to pubIk-ly prëfich ö'gainst slavery ! Tiial slave'olfkrs ure rcccivcd irito ihe mis?ir.n ' cluirches, and that the Meihodi.s', Baptist, '■ afid miriiunorics, afiïónp : tfeoge Iribes, are unar.inious, so faroa he is ; : ■ ■■; ■ inted, in sustainingslaveholders qs ciiiiiiiun breüireu in tiie clurchcsl 'i'írat Üiey (iho inissiotiHiicï-} neiiljcr preacli aainst z praciice, nor uso means io put itüutoflhe clüircli. TliataimoiUiü !he missionaries eiiher own or ure slavcs of thcir mr.sfers lo work, and pay ile róasICr'a i'or their services! Timt lic as been obtigërl, in cases of sicknes3, lo do il bimself. Tftót the Rev. Mr. Mnson, kSspïtèi rriissionary, was qbliged to ïèiivü lie couti'ry, Uéèaüée he wouhl opnose slavety! (iicv. flr. Keüam left.1 HjjV-i irc 011 liiC KU1ÏIC UCCOUnt.) 'iluM RcV, ; Ah-, iiatcl'. and wife, Buplist missiKi 114 the C;uek;ws. !eft becuuse ihe ! coukl noi coiiscicutiously áuaiuin eliivcry; ' Wat R'jjv. Mr. Flctning and Mr.,! ?1. D. míssiqháxies ofílic Americun Boanl, lef; on the sume accoünf. That the itcv. Mr. Potis, L.Mf.:st mjssiönaiy acnortg the Chocktaws, eiihcr owns or hircs slaves of' tiie-ir niasiers; thnt ho is open and public in tiiis., ii ñd all unclérsiand ihut iie su .tains tlnveiv. Receives élavhpJHers into tbq phufch as gpod piows ciirisüuns! Thatlíev. Air. rcvry, a Methodist nussionary atnong the Chocktavs owns a number of' sluvcs, mid írcfits them as such; and that he shot arul !;i!ied a u-iiitc man, whotn he sup,ppsed was stealíng one oí his slavcs; and líiat Rev. Mr. P. 13 i;i fellowship with Ihe oher missioLiariesí Ttiat lie (Mr. Jone?) lir.s received tho comrnunion service irutTi his liüncis.