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Extract Of A Letter From J. C. Fuller To Joseph Sturge, Desc...

Extract Of A Letter From J. C. Fuller To Joseph Sturge, Desc... image
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■1 slarted on 2oih mvth month,vii JLakc Efie and Ihe Eric Canal, which exiends irom Norih to South 309 miles ÜiFöügh he 8tnle of O!iin. Nothing worihy of note occurred on the passage except occasinn,nl diecuesions on human rights and the ctjüslity of man ; the last subject whféh tFiou woiildst think needed to bö discussed here, jf ihoa hadst known nolhing of Americi but lier Declnration of lndepondencö. - Thoo and I have both known xvfiat it ïa lo be a Btránger in u r.trange land,' and have feit that a 'fricnu in nëëÖ'is a friend indeed.1 On board tho jacket boat, rt Cleveland to go for Porísmouth, Í noticed the CapEain rending my natne and residence on my porminteau, ile gave me a onrdial greeting,saying be lenevrme by re;;utalion. Wh en infunr.ed of the. object óf myjourney, be said it would givo him great pleasuro toconvey moand rny chafgp back, without öthéV reinunerafion (híin !e expense af dar food. Capt. Folder is iira cnusisi (o eur excellent iriend and cfiicient colleague. Lrëscr?iia Mott, of Phil;jdapbí), nnd hor jooa SÍsl%r,Máíilla Wright oí'áübunj, During the vïMef, bc turng hr.n uttentioa to leciuriti o'i onti-sluvery. - Ainny such re needed in Ohio. AU the States bordoring ön thé Slavc St;tes rnusl become abo!ii:oi]ized,!)íure8Íavcry ehail hide her defonned Jiead.never more lp bo ; heardcfjbutin the hiatöry of the past. Ojr j itnir Í3 gcay - hut we tmiy live tú ee it, I and hail tho happv jubilee.From the canal, ï took stearnbnat down the Ohio to Mayevüle, Kentucky. The mistress of the Eagle Hole', satat her tab!o naaQiean surroanded by many elavtis. Thers seemcd to be twice as inany hands to do the work as were needful. A.t this house I feü ia with a Louisianian, wiioremarfced to the bar-lencier, thnt hc 'had I)ecn offcrod severa IKentudty plantalions nt a low priee, inchio'ing the negroes, as tho owncrs were prosiratod." Thinking I might obtain information, I askcfl him some qvicstin9 concerning the fur South. He said land could bo had there for al most Hothing, but siaves were not ruueh depreciated - a man of thirty ycars o!d would se.I for 1000 dollars, lie said ihe planters of the South were desirnus of (;hanging the complexion of the field hands; and propesed the following meiliod : lf nortbërn Tion would consent to marry their nëgfofes the master would emjncipaie ihe wötnön, nnd give a marriago portion equal to wliat the white njan of goorl moral characler might possess. He aaidthe Iiish, En'glish Scotch, Datch, and Germans would müch jmprove their condition by cuUivating cotton and Rugaron this continent; und ihe plantor would be benefilcd, as he cculd grow theae articles much cheaper by tho labor of Eiropean "serfV ihan by glavea. Such remarles mide me feeí Uke a barre! yeady to burst wiih íerme:;tatíon withín; but it would noi do lo give vent by mean:; of my tonque.SYoin Maysvüle to Lcxiüíonsixty-fiie milos,) is ihe best road í ever traveled, nol cxccpttng the English roatls. It is mado nnd reputred vyíth whitis'i livneslonc, froin bcginnmg ío and. Tiioy lold me the repairs were principaiiy ni.ide by Irish work men, as elaves were no', to be rrusted to cío the work. At ptarüng, Ï observad tbai the mail bags were nearly enipty; and the driver being queslioned iufurmed me lhat Icould carry ilic v!i;)!e uinil in my coat pockets. VVhen he told tne he was a PounBy!vani;in,I asked whether he could nol earn 13 much io a free hs in a slavc sía'a. lía eaidlhateighiccn dollars a tnonthwns ihc most he ever received for driving ! a team in a free State, and that he now recivcs thirty dollars a month. This opened the wny Tor a Iiule Anti-slavery talk. 'Last Sunday night,' said he, 'i saw a big black man rnáking ihc best oí his way tu Cünada; I might have stöpped him, and had the reward of $200, whieh was offered."' I asked hlm whether it was best to have God's blcssing, wilh the fruits of his Unest industry,or his curse, ivjth $2QÖbioodmoaey. He answered wiili moistencd eye?, "Í wiah al! the sUves were free;1' to which I responder!, 'Amen." Some inci;en(s connected tviih the escapo of th!3 ngero, go to prove that the ';re9 can "lake care of thcmselves," by a , linio ingenuityí when occasion requiros. Thinking it would he more ex.oeditiuus, as vell ns nore agreea'ule, to ride frurn shtvpry th'iíri lo run fmm it, he tpok a horíc; .viiu; lir hi master's or not, I did nol ascertiiin. Tbe turopike gatee were a greut hitidrance. and much increased the risk oí" .ípprehensioü. To avoid ,W, jusl befure reachiog a (Lirr.pike gate, he Let .down a . fence, c.irefiil'y put it u agaijj to avuid pursuit, passL'í rniind üie backofthe keej er'.s H-ai.-íc, üiitl carne out:hrough íhc fence beyond. As ho was temoañüng his IVorsè i)jcdri?cr catrie up with him. Supposinp: hiin Jo hcoiiü Oí the koepec's f:unily, he wished bino good oigtaj bal ítótiantiy ! cíivered by his voice, that lc was a cokre.5 min. putting his horse to (ul épced. - Wiien b.c retuined to pyoestosvo, he i !)í;ard peopla lalking alsout a runaway, ;uh t W1 Dr. Whitehead ho belicvcd ho had sen the raan thc nig!)t bofore. 'i hope to God he'il get safe inlo Canada," wrs iherí-n!y. CiIluw can you sny that, and be a slive iioldcr?' asked the 'coadunan. '1 whh (here were no slaves,' replied he 'an.dassoon as others wiil liberale theiis, mine sba!l go free.' vStage :oachc3 offord no facilities to the ooor fugilives. B}r ihc law oï the Uniïed atates Government no colored ma n e:m drive n mail slsge. Neilher cao any colored man ride on onc, unlesa he ts known lo bo free, o-e ia a slave trtfyeling wiíh his masíer. Stage owncrs heaw penal'.ies if bey itifringo theso rules. A verdict oí" l,G00. lately recove red by a ü!avs tuiste r agftiost the compauy. At Wisli:i:ion the stage was Stnpped ío ktiuw ií"a coWed boy could be jr.l on, 'Yes, where 13 he.' J'Up at the jiil vonder." Tiic qncriíí ío .k a sent irisidè. ítr.d smoí) íOoi' í Bpieíd i cuícred m;in uu the o'itsif'e, wilti ;uej)ors. i Jo vt8 i rcá"pTlui'öu rimaway, vrho hud taken ti iu)fLë wiih hirn, and irnitnled the Isrealite.1-', in bürrcnvin; vari'Hisolher nrlicles, when lia escapea "om bondage. Ue assumed false whiskers iititl a pair of spectac'.es; and 0:1 eacliins the Ohjo river, oroduced iVcc papers, dtiiv Plamped wilh liiG county eeai. i Bir, imioriuiriieiy, v.hen qucsticmed wherc lie hud staid the preeeed mg pigbi. iie i'ouüslily attompted tp describe the place, ai:d was hus deiccterl . Tvvo hundrtjd dollars wr.s Tor hïiri ït taken yut ol' ihe Jálale, und tne huudred if'ííken in che State. To ricie in u stRg'öj wiih n oiau behind, whose lega and artus wer'e. thstened logcihef wiih rivetëil chüiná aritl putijocksi wae erKiugh to make ortè'feë) ihe i'orce oí' Patrie!; Iienry's exclamation-Give ma lüierty, or glve tne deatli!' h was a yjji coneoiatiop. to admini&tcr to the hv,iw inga oí' Jiis iiuner, while bcholding hls in-inly form tlius ruanaclöd: bui I though't jo avy my gingor'oread with n bcltcr rc!sh, uijcn J tu!d )im t was matJe vlicrc ;olored men we re free. At Payne'y tavirn, in Fuirvv, the poot fölJow had to jndergo un exumiaaüon Trom ihe Innonrd, aud listen to a homily on truth-tcling - so liule do slaveholders sceni aware ih:it 6tea!ing und lyin;{ are constituent [Wrts bf their own sy'sïifiïj. In the gtijgc Díiioo ai Lexiogton, we encourxiered tti? nien wiio claitnèd (hts poor fugitive. Tiie ! cirivcr who carne wilh us the !a?t two ! res was a naiive of Dutchess cóihiTyN. Y. I und he begtin (p plêad wilh the slaVëho'ldc.f in behalf of Uiö sldve. I hbuïd nfiuiother case vvhere the ungry maöièr ihréatened to fiog and sc;!l n recovcred rOtiaway ivhiMi! tie had wilh hi:n; bui. tlia siage üïivur remonstrated v ith hun 30 ciTcCiuaüy that he wopi likeá child,:ind prómísed f;ryivesiess to his !;:vo. li'ivo can oniy gel the comtnon pèbpïo aröuséd, Wav'ur.d, biahnp Hedding, and qthe'r? of lha stamp', ! may de;il in metuphysica! ha ir split'.iug to llioir hearfá content. I would iMthcr aè'9 stage drive rs, as a body abbU'.'tönistP, iltn'n all in blergj" in the land; for I shoald foar ihat the latier vvould njücli more cüsily ií;!d to pubüc opinión, l have no ivtshj to disparare lïvé D. O.s or ihe ltoyèrenÜs; btit, wiih a few noble exceplions, éyery body knows üial tliey are scldorn fuund in the van of impopular reform. I found Svimuol VVorthington quite a different pereou thn his letters had led meI tíi inngiue. When í introihiced inyaell' :!:; ñí{éáréf) riérvbus and cmbarrassed . - Ixc was a Kentuckian l.y birlh, bulhavin iDRt wiïh jreVèr&Öa of fortune, he went fo MiásÍ38Ífjí, aml becatne an ovcrscer, firstou a sáhVry oí'isix hundréql clolla'rs, iiod alicrwan]3 two tbousand lia now owris a cuuon plnñtalion, with abóut a iiundreiJ and tweiüy slave?, and i r;puic;i v.caltliy. He is'corfsíderéd anaccompüsíicd géutleníán, of iöbönajijfscfiimóalirig and fctítmg mind. I Relieve ho is a UihtJ mastcr, in tliecoiumoa áec'éptaijon oí ihe term; ihat is ho í'eeds and clutiies bi.s sluvcs well, and does nol overwork thcm, tUough the oversecrs' whip is ihe stiinulu$ to labor. He gavo rae somc accountfjf provisión; bul the only itom I rumcrnber i i? that he cured 25,000 ponnds o{' pork í aonually, for his slaves. Fr be it from tne to 8uy nny thing disrcspeciful of liim, except he is a slaveholdcr; tt word,vhich, in my view, compases "the sum ofail vülainy." ín my transacticns wiih hun, i found lum fair and honorable; as íiir as it car (jo honorable lo sell human íle?h. He Baúl he had long since recoived n letter írom Mr. Fitzhugh, coiii.-emin Suni's famüv; bulas lio k'now their situatioü wouW not be beílerec! Ky beiñg trans ferred tn hit. h3 had taken no ñonce oí' tlio r.ppík:itin. When Gerrit Snn!i letter cümej he siipposed ho. v.-ri!er vas not in earftest-; (ihat it vrfa n!l done tbr effectaad wöuld end in sur-ko.1 He was smrurfeed ' Mr. Siniih's rep'.y to liim, tbat itway my liitehiiün io ccaie lu fïarrodsburgli ; !io rcgrcUed that it was ?n, is it JisUivbcU him, and rtiight brealt up iiis f,ui;:!' arrnngernent . His wife hul ihrec s:i)ail childrcn , one of them h bahe, and o proponed arrangement wouki Iave lier iihout assistaneo. Ho tnl;l me be vas nnt a réafl to bo driven; and i ntísvvered iha;. wc we: e ve!l matched nn tint poin't ii wnuld, 'iowevcr, be bétter for us buth lo Rftöai'tfm;cooliy how faf we coulJ oirree i iie b'ogRn by saying hedid not fue i boiítuí lo sell (he fumi'y', in consequence of vhjit he fiüd writ'.cn foMr. Smitlv ho had ! only ?:ii( Ihat he might b.e injl.uccd to la'ke 4,000 Cor Ovni. ÁOer soüíp. preliminaric?, lie propófed tWt Ishcuid have o eonversatioa wnh Sara: f.:r hedid noi tliiak ihat he could be picvuücd unn to leávé him. I assurnr.l..úitiv ■■ tr;u I s.hould dono such thing, unlP. t;c and L had setUed the q(ie=tion ofdoííajrs. Ï hVfd no idoá of presenting ihe cup of freedojn to':líp.Vj [nú ihen líftvipg it dasheH o i.he gíotiíñd, lii do not be!iovc,v said !, dial thérè is a man bh these grpuncísT, whorn I coüld i;ot induce togo wfth me from ktávery; !nU ií" S m vs o'jüclion, Iet rnö aik viï!i his wifi; ." "No, thai will not ilnr repÜed hc, l'shc woiild go wilh yoii.1' "Ye?,'1 snid 1; -'[et me tolk to your voraen (ri'n rr.oihcr'á ri-íht to h?rfo':" ftnd oti'prin::, and iheu sèo huw rnnv f (Hem you wouid fiftd vviüin tó rc;rnüo .r. bonlAfier varíníis pta? and c.nns, v;d enne!1) ded a bíirgain, subject, of" course, to tho parlies being villinü ieave ihc "ba' iüs'itation.'' 3.500 wcvo EÓ bo :;: '; and bo'.Si cj;ii9 tojo'Lbor werti !b !;' 'j .m cjK)iii!(!Íty óf bóhversih wiih and ih ivifr?. The nv.fsíe? prohabíy Vu so con5'.lDi ih'Jt "nis ?!avc wouid :mi léü-ye; hir, Ihnt he hád pitienco to vv;ut iir ihf!proi!jiseíl rYilerView: íífr he poppéd ihe deücuie pxetión to !nti uonc. Öim fiiad been införriiéd of the v-hoie progresa f ;he ttffiir, iVuin the timo óf Mr. Siuiiii's Cirsl letter, aad he angwered pronir.iy ihat Ue wouid go,-so hai béfore l rilè'i him,thnt dijla.-'jt pan ofiljc busiiíeí-s höd"ueöiiéd in ?. VYoiaington d disüppointmcrH '■■!■■ the gre-iter, bööaüse ll(Aü !:im ih'at i fel,! ;ke dao ff ;-Sj, "ífijiíj wonir: v:!i nut be trilling to üiiiuw thee.; th'jn. tifyu ?:i:ili be clear Jrcn thí;that I coiiid go back witji i quiet m'sid; aria üist iho feunscièricês of myfriends iw Í;!j;VuO '.vuiiid bc aúsüed, having ivcn Ha rr i ;l asvri !r f;imiíy the hhiTív ví' chutee, a;;;.! tfs madü z ihc rèpiar&liöri in thir power lor havtVg ever heid her in slover}'. THe targe pri'jQ puit! fir flic redenipüon of ibis fatiuly iry svjrbríse time; e.pecjaüy ifthuu hast nót iorgoitón ihat pass-";i2 in Wtírth'ingtqh's letter whejre he says ul am to sinua exteni oppfisca io slavory, nor do ï o!:jr:ci totira e'T:ís ofíujuhlioüiüia wiicíi done ii a good spirit." h i?, hpwever biu justicö to p;iy shut fh'e description ho g.-ivo of .'.'e Hüriüy is slrictiy currect. "Tney ure al! sprfiüy,, r.jir.Jtrhuble for gVod chdifacfèr, kdtl öf cuu'r&a tijo.s'. va!unb!o Vi" house éórvántsJ'1 II.:, saici he had ropeutodly boen oflfcreij $3,ö.ÖÖ fúr Sutii ; mui ;o Lclcivüd (hal he yvoiïltj comrnaiiii tiiat 6u:n any day íVo:n t!i(;öa who krièvy hls veirú); tliüt iiis oíd masipr priaed jitn ve:-y Iiigiity.parücuiariv fur his mor;ïl éxcclièace, and sp.ciJ(ing y Ins condupt descrihed hi:n ::s a gcniícmin. Yot he talked as if bc veruccríaia t';a Sam md hi. family vvoiil-j be reduced to beggaryif loft to ilietnstlve.? at t!ie Norih! Tiic ciniü.-en, il is truc, liavo had Litiie pregarii'i:;:i itibliivcrv iur tcii-i'cüuiice ; i'r iho most iavo.-uü uï Cnern cat aul spell iheir own natiiQS. Ü. V. saki ra:my had enquircdof iiifn wliat bus]n'usa brougiit me ibero; ;ind ber, informcd of the ohjcci of rny mission üdviscd him to have noïhing to do sviiii me. Btif said he, ihough 1 arn certnin Umi the cundition óïaani and bis wiibcan aot fcro l'.ehered, I do not thitik the snme witli the regard to llicir childreni and cis Mr. íáui'üh seems disposéd ló do a kiad aclion, i can lot, üi cunscience, atlcmpt to íruátraie it. if Í were lo scud vou hóitiè wr.hout ih:.s i';itiii!y, I shouid havo u troubled iniiid." Mfïjnr Bdrbpr, a Presbytcrian deacon, being ijs'cod Ut wnle a hiil of sale, rc;ully igreedtd do è'x; ironie;! 1 i v BUggefiliïig woulij be ve!i to msíírí íi c!nus ilrut none pï liie iatnüy shouid be ruddced to slavcry in the State oí' ís'v York. I lold lihu í undorstoiHi ibe drilt ofilnit roiTiark; bul í wanted i biii ui thc usual {'urtn, with Ihc comniuti covciiirr.s and guarah{tó&j nui that 1 would Imve no non.senso h it. íie then dfew oue; bul diííBoVeríüg t!i;it ic sa(J uotlling iö lus bilí i'u'jut titviivery, i ntlenvardö caused another lo Ira dnnvn by ,L. L, fíhreve of Louisvillñ, aa follows: BILL OF SAXH."IÍ.VHKorr-BURGii, Mercer couniy, ) Staie ofKeniucky, Aug. 7ih, 1841. $ "For and ín consideration of the sü.ni of thrco thouGíind fivc hucdrod doHá'fS lo me in hand pid,tho rcccipi whére'óFi hcreby acknowiedj;;, í hereby sel!, convey, and deliver, 10 James Cannings Fuller, of iho Stufü ot'Nevv iforkjtigeV for Gernt Smii! of Peterboro, of suid tílate of Néw York, i lio foÜowing dcscribed slaves, viz: One negro man, Samuel, age about 1 1 1 i r y five years; his wife, ííirriei, nbout ihe me á'géí ;Iío thoir cliildren; say Mury, about fourteen yeítrs oíd; J-nilv, twelve years; Wílliinrt,'ten ycarsj Richard, threc years tmd s!x moti'hs; and Alelvinn, about fifteen rnoniii."; to huve andtohold the same paúl slaves agninsl '.lie clnims cf al! persons whatioevcr. i y so warrant ihcm squriíl órtd hcalthy, (except a to Mary, ;vliíi has a smail blnmish in onc oye,) and shivcs Cor lito. Wi!ne9 :vy húnd and ?oal, theday and dnte abovë written. [sea!.] S. WOrrríI!iGTON. Aucst , t.4. L. Shüeve.1" As tho pareats jEelt (roub'sd about their per.?, Wüliam nnd Richard, who were at Woriiiinjrtoü's p!;tntaüon, n Missisíippi, it. w;ih deemed best to seod their r(l)ei íbr liicm. ile ivas accordiügiy furïïfehed vvii!) lbo fojiowjiig Pa.s?,be!it:vtr! hc could iravel word safe! y wjth il ihan with free pupers: íl.viíuon-ntjucu, Ky , Aug.7, 1841. "The lenrer, Samuc!, bas censent o! ihi i!tH'cr5)iined to prncecd without imnecessavy de'ay to ihe pianlation of WortliiMg'on., near L;kö Washinjiton, in the vSia'.c oí' Missisérppi, fir th ptirposó of oblainin;f lii-s iv.'oon?, (childrcn) tho cno ! ruuiR'd Wiiünm und llíeóíbrr ílichiifíT', anf1 then go PétériiorOj in ih State of N. Y. and tiien report hinjídf to Gerrit Sinilb it thut place. 8. WunTIIINGTON, i Jamk-! C. Fuller.'' 5 ííc was !i'evise furnfehöd uith ÍUe Mlowmg 'rt)pr fui' deliyerv, eoJrVed ,bv inyso'f, that bö might obtiui poasesaion cf j tlio childrcti : ÍÍA.nuoD3rvx;noi7. ly., Añgi 7, 1341. '-."'r. Joh:) T. Co-.u-u.s}'. Lal; o 'Woshing' inylon, ftljshitfsippi, w;!! (iohvor o tbc ó of Jjiraes -'pnnaktg Fuileríw'o -'ave?, sofis o! 'Simpel ard ií:rrif, ?ay VV-fíÍjam' and iiichardj havin enld thé ?ame io ?aiis ?Y'e-, and hereby deÜYc-r ïhi&èi iftioujU yo;j, tó ie; ur:it;-. i 'l-';t Snr.vjc! ;?nvo r,!l ihe prr.pcriy bclortguig ío :íust:!f and üuijüy.One of iVorthingUms gretéa cliffióolite? i in p-w-:ing Viih thssja sin vea was, lli tl ü wóulü leavo h:.3 ylie deslUitfb of sorvnnu-. 1 1 :viJ her u:u fqh t wgltí lo exxre6S my lyualhy.. I toíii lier my enqiinssion was increased, beöaüse I nnpixhcnded ihere i ■v:ly a aloyóla in her piv.n bi-enst beU'een j iiiiy aiitpuiereei j an&í eppeatécTtb her! iYfiollieï die di! -o! fcaft it waa a duy ! ip Ui ihetn go, ífopugh personal inlerest ivüuld i.viuce htf to Heep th;:Ti iu her servire, t was g:iu' ;o percrirs ibat the?ö wmaiiku emiWed b&r io ccliövé herseii of a veig-íit. oquoiQftónfco brihip.ed u, tí-! she -..ppeured quilo wUÖüg i shoüttl !akc ítieiu a wny. Siie stiövveO rrout tönd[!O;S (o iiirrioi ü.'iJ lier ch.iclren, mul ey! idemlv lelt deeply m.jved ai wiih ;i;c nurse, wlio kad (jiicc been wiih hér hrough i.atiire'j sorost traüf. Shc npsaretJ tu rr.u to bc u icc, ;;:iy-lil;9 perm; iind if 1 j-itlgc nright, hlí !cnovg j wlm!. esfiinale ought lo be placed upon slayery n a voniatfe oiind. Thoe who know me vyï!l not 8U-pcct ihht Í sóught to conceal my dbolition principios even in iho b.t:ct bed cf shivcry. ï'cx I dssuro thee Í b.j.tJ ro intciitioniof ajiipg it a comir.)i (opic of eimversatiop ::L.-s the w;iy npiieared t.) open; bul tliy perieiice, 1 doubt not, as v.eil ;is mine. ppoV-es tMt ii is ever öpküitfg. The most bui vc nccd to do is lo embrace opporlunüies, wifiicjut iee'wng to tnuke them. I b.aii not expeclecl to eñy u3 mijcji as Iííid; but it wustuch a cu;-!:;ö;!y íbr a Quaker Lo ba scen in suoh couipa;iy, íímt it was sol:,') universilly kqowii wliy I had come, and hat I had done. Th'ia gave riso to tiiany convcrsatiüiis wiih slaveholdèra, wtiicti I trust did soínegoctí. I was r.sion ished at the:r e:c;reme ñoránbé concerning :s pcpulaltou tiio Norlh. Thuu iv i ! í perhaps be surpriseu lv '.icur mu :sïert rh'ai slavoholdcrj do nut know wiiat slavery is. Stiij nv.rc öfraogc, wiii ii ïèem, when J teil ihce that ihy old friend was highfy complimentcd by lucrn lor his prudencc and discreiion! The story had bacome curronl tíiat I would not luik to íam till'I h;id setiled the business wiih his mastcr; iiöd as they general ly protes?cd lo believ8 that l!:o Aboliliuniais vyished lo incite ihe claves against their master by cveiy mischeviou3 ricentive ihey could (icviis, nyw conduct naturally enough seenoil io ihcm rcmarUable. 1 io!d them Í ni'ist honestly ai juro such compliínenlary lany-nie; fur aQÏar (rom beijig whut Ihey wouiJ cali cfsscfeeL 1 wus in tiict an abólrrióuist of ihe iiiost ultra scliool. Í as si.ired thtrn thul thosV'óf my associates at (he Nonh would have proeecded as I brul ddnè, and épmé of liiem probably '.vi'li more iiyi;rcii:)n . 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