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Outrageous Tyranny

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There is a law existing in the State of Maryland by which free colorcd persons coming into that State are Hable to pay on jxorbitant fine, or be sold nto unlimited Blairery. The following extract from the Penn3ylvania Frcenian shows the actual operation of it. "Several prosecutions have been insli- tuted in the neighboring county ofCecil, and there is now pending in the Court at Eikton, which forcibly illustrates the operation of this niquitous enactmentj, and which cannot fail to excite the sympathies of all whose hearts are not steeled against pity for ihe oppressed. This is the case of a woman from the Slate ofDelaware, who, ignorant of the provisions of the law, removed last spring into the State of Maryland, to reside with her husband Michael Kerr, who was repuled a legal slave, but who was permitted by his owner to shift fot himself, after hehad been worn out in service and become of little worlh from age and decreptitude. She was soon seized and Iodged in prison, from which she was extricated by the payment of the requisite fine and costs, after which pursuant to orders, she immediately left the state, taking with her one of her children. After some time she returned lor another child, who was left behind with its father, suppusing that by coming late in the evening and returning before dayligkt in the morning, she could pass unobserved. In this, however,she was mistaken, for about midnight she was dragged from her bed; and again immured in prison, from whenceshe will probably be sold into slavery, unless she pays a fine of 500 dollars, with the costs of her arrest, confinetnent and lrial,a sum which she is entirely unable to raise herself, and which it is hardly to be expected her friends will pay for her. - Comment upon such atrocities is unnecessary. He whose breast does not burn with viriuous imlignation at the bare recital of them, and who does not blush when ho reflects upon the stigma which such proceedings cast upon his age and country, must be dead toall the more gen erous and ennobling feelings of his nature and lost to all sense of national degradation."OThe Pennsylvania Freeman has com out in support of the independent nomination of Dr. Lemoyne for Governor of Pennsylva nia, the other two candidates having utterly neglected to answer the inquirios put t them by the abolitionists. As they couk not thercfore consistently vote for either o: them, they must scatter their votes, orcon céntrate them in favor of some good anti elavery man, and as Dr. Lemoyne was al ready nominated, the Freeman thinks it wi be vvell to vote for him. All the anti-slave ry papers now advocate concentrated polit col action, except the Liberator at Bostoi the Anti-Slavery Standard, published a New York, by Mrs. Child, and theJFree La bor Advocate, published at New Garden, In diana. Probably nol more than one in fort of the abolitionists in the country will here afte.r seatter thoir votes. Thus there is prospect that there will soon be a genera union of action of all the abolitionists onc more. 05a We loarn frooi UieFriend of Man tha James G. Birney intends removing to Miei igan with his family, with a view of takin up his residenco aoiong us.