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Thornton On Slavery

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- Rev. T. C.Thornton, D. D., President of the Centenary College, Mississippi, a Methodist, has published at Washington city, a work in defence of slavery. It has been looked for wilh much interest at the South, as it was siipposed by it the abolitionists would be annihilated. The Pennsylvania Freeman has published a notice of the work, from whicb it appears that the anticipations of its effect on the publie mind will bo disappointed. - As an instance of the character of the boot, the lst chapter starts with the position"that slavery has foruied a part of the domestic institutions of every country, savage and civilized, from time immemorial." How many nations are there in Europe and olher parts of the world, where slavery !ocs not existí He of course contends that slavery is a Bible institution, but adnnits at the same time slavery ia an evil wh(.rever it may exist, and it is the part of Christian philanthro pista to prepare the way for relieving the country from it." Iïe contends that "northern people are bound morally as Christians to aid the slayeholder3 in keeping their slaves in subjection," He advocates Colonization, and the admission of Texas into the Union. The Freeman represente the Book as feebly vvritten, and full of absurdities.