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Attempted Insurrection

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-Theern papers state that several slaves at Pursburgh, South Carolina, recently laid a plau to rise and nmrder their masters,but were discovered in time to prevent the execution of their design. Having provided thomseives with an axe, they knocked at the door of one Zandt, to whom three of them belonged, but ho suspecting that sometlung was wrong - for the jealous t'rants live in constant fear - refused thcra admittance. The next morning the men were arrested, when they made a full disclosui e of their designs. A fine christian country; a most happy state oftbings truely, where the laboror is crushed to tbe enrth and goarded to such desperation by his wrongs that nolhing can appease tuin but the blood óf the tnaster, and whcre the tyrannical employers live ii such a state of alarm that they daré no admit their own servnnts for fear thevscek.iheir livcs!- People's Advocate. It is generally admitted tliat slavery is wrong in Ihe abstract, by which we suppose is tneant that it is wrong in pincipie or theory; how thcn can it be right in practice?