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Michigan.- Wayne Counly.- rüectaciai returns show fie folio wing restilt: IVr Barry, 2242- for Fuller, 134C. LIBERTY VOTE. Governor, Jabez, S. Fitcb, 134 Lt. Governor, Kathan Power, Senators,' Arthur L. Pörter, 143 Samuel P. Mead, 133 Representatives, Horace llailock, 157 " Chus. Ií.Slewart,137 Jliram Bef.s, 141 Anthony Paddock.loG ti Glode D. Chubb, 135 Rufus L!oyd, 133 Detroit gave for Governor, 38 Liberty voles - PJymoutli, ül votes; - Livonia, 21; - Nankin, 7;- Redford, 9;- Dearbon, 1;- Brovvr.stown, 1 - Cantón 2.Hillsdale County.- The Liberty v(le for Governor was 76- for Lt. Gov. 79. Votes were given in cigbt out of sixteen tovvns. - . ín Adame, 22- in Allen, 2- Litchfield, 28- in Moscovv,5- in Pittsford and Readingcach 1- in Somerset 2- in Wheatland 18. It will be recollected that by accident tliis County was not suppüed wilh printed tickets- The Wh'ig vote for Governor in this county was 557 - Democratie, 753. Lcnawee County gav e 50 Liberty voles: last yoar, 18. Eight counlies g'ivo 1Q4Í Liberty votes. ] Will our friends forward the returns from other counties? Peknsylvania. - The vole for Lemoyne is 818. The nutnber of scattei ing Liberty votes will swell.the whole number to upwardsof 1000. Last year the vote tbr Birney il) the eame counties was 323. Massachusktïs. - The Liberty vote as far as heard frotn amounts to 3239. The same towns gave last year, for Birney 1329. The whole vote will probably exceed 4000. The Liberty Senator from j Howe, is elected, and six or seven Liberty j Representativos. are choscn. In 63 towns, the Libery votes havo defeated the choice of pro slavery Representativos, amounting to about eighty. There is no choice of Sen atorsiii Berkshire, Plyinouth, Middleses,and perhaps Essc;x. Eight whig tnembers of the Leg6lature were eiected in eight towns by a moioritv of one vote eacb.Later. - All tlie towns but two have been ïeard fruin. The vote stands: For Davis, (W.) 55,850 " Morton, (D-) 50,968 Majority, 4,882 Ohio. - Twenty two counlies give 1834 Liberty votes. The Philanthropist estimates the wholü vote of the Siate at 3000 or upwards. New York. - Liberty votes. Corlland county, 167; Wyoming, 332; Niágara, 155; Livingston, 125; Albany,70; Madison, 450; Onoida725; ühenango, 100; Fulton, 150; Ontario, 270; Erio 217; Orleans, 141; On ondaga, 290; Tompkins, 70; Monroe county for Asset64; last year, for Birney, 64. RocflPer city gave 120; last year, 12, The town of VVhitesboro gave 95. The town oí Florence, Oneidá county, gave 0 liberty votes, 46 whig, and 84 derujcratic votos. Iu New York city, the vote fo Arthur rappan wbb 125; for H. Dreseer, Vi7. The democratie majority in the SVaie na reponed, is 15,238. They cíaim a majority or ($2 in the Assembly, and two in Üw Seo , ate. ___________