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Messks. EDiTORs:-The eleciion returns are now officially reccived and I am enabled to present you with iho liberiy vote for ihis county. We have cast for Governorand Lieut. Governor, about 50 votes, for senators 43, for representaties 43 and for county commissioner 3G. Last year, I think the vote in ihis county was eighteen and could we have got our National Addressee this year before election, we might have made ii 100 or more. Ihave no doubt that at least one half the voters in this county were toially ignorantofthe names of uur candidatos, if not of the very existence of a third party onranization.Bothof the old parlies cxertcd thecnselves to the uttermost to prevent the abotionist3 in their ranks trom voling the Liberty ticket. So you will ste that if our candidates did not run well it was not because the other parlies did not try hard enough to ruin tiem. We think however that taking inlo consideration the almost insurmountablo difliculties under which we Jabored in gettiug up an organization we have doneremarkably well and have not a doubt that if we devote ourselves energetically and untiringly to the task for anoiher year we shall poil irom 2 to 300 vote?. One of the most prominent oV.jections raised againstthe Liberty organización by our opposers in these paris is, that we are making Temperance,church maners &c, among our objects for political action, and the Signal is frequently quoted to sustain their ussertions. JNW, though I am far l'roin admitting thia to be the object of the mass of abolitionists (who boast of leing politicians wilh hut one great object inview; yet 1 regret to say that the Signal of Liberty has, in somo nstance?, given them sorne rcason on which lo base iheir asserlions, at least with regard to Temper anee. I am sorry for that. It would in my humblo opinión be much better to direct our vvhole eftorts to the atlainment óf that one great ol.ject - universal liberty - than to distract our attention by bringing iu collateral issues which calí rathe'r for moral suasiou than forpolitical act ion. If a man canuot conscientiously voté for a candidute who uses ardent spiriis let him if he wishes vote against him. This he can do without, in any wise, aíTecting (he liberty cause, but let him not confound them together so as to give us the character of a mongrel party, half abolitionists and half temperance. Let them be kepl distinct, so that the eople may see noihing but Emancipation 1 EmancipationI and Emancipatiön and eo.uahty in all our actions.Rf.marks. - We do not make, nor have we made, so far aa we can recollect, any "issue" on ihe subject of Temperance, politicaüy. Wê have oa!y used the privilege possessed and exercised by al! us'i-slavery edtiors, of expressing their opinions on tbat subject. Every one can agree with ue or not, in ihe views we have expressed. The points we have advanced on thal subject whether corrcctly or not, have no necessary connection with the political organization of a Liberty party, unless the. anli-slavery friends choose to eeek the attainreent of botli objects by the sarne rneans. Of the propnety of this course, every one must judge for hini6clf, and act nccordingly. , The Liberty Senatorial Convention of Washtenaw ond LiviDgeton, comprising some seventy delegates, resolved without a dissenting voice that they would vote for no man unless he was au uncompromising friend of Temperance. Our friends elsewhere inight thinkdifferently upon that subject. We would suggest to all the adviceof St. Paul, respecting ihe eating of certain meats, "Let nol ln:n that calcth not, despise liini that eatetii. We w.ill only add, tbat the sentiments we have ad vaneed in the 'Signal' in reference to the Temperance cause have received the full and cordial approbation of rnany of our most distinguished anti slavery frienda in different part6 of the State.