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Liberty Party Convention

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Agreeably to a previous notice, the Inonds of sluvea met at the house of Canlon Smilh, in the villaje of Grand Rapids, when, on motion, Thomas Dav3 was calIed to the cha ir, and Samuel Howland appointed secretary. The Throne o'i Graco having been addressed by James Bullard, the following resolutions vvere unanimously adopted: Resolved, That aa free American citizens we nre sacredly bound to raise our volees against the sin of eiavery and legahzed oppression. Resolved, That every professed aboliuonist, who gives his money and hts prayer3 for the emancip&tion of the slave, whilo he votes for a siaveholder or an apologist for slavery, is as inconsistent as the tormer who at a great expense endoses :us fields, breaks up his land, prays that )o jnay reap nn abundant harvest, and then süws tares instead of wheat. ' Resolved, That we heartiiy invito our lellow cittzcns, and especially professed aboluionists?, to abjure all further nllenanceio eitherofthe extsting pro-sUivery iolilical parties, and at once rally under the banner ofholyand impartía! liberty which we now unfold; believing if our stock on hand is so very small," as has aeen represented, it is only an evidence that we have been too late, instead of too early in unfurling t. Resolved, That those who make the assertion that we, of the Norih, have nothng to do with slavery at the South, would do well to turn their spectacles the other side out, and sce what slavery ut the South, las to do with us free laborers ut the North. Resolved, That thenomination of James G. Birney, for President, and Thomas Vlorris, fur Vice President, and Jabez S. LMtch, fur Governor, and Nathan Power, or Lieut. Governor, and J. P. Marsh, as Senator for the öth Senatorial Districi, ind the nomination which has been made at this time, of James Ballard, as representative for thia District moets our hearty concurrence. Resolved, That Truman Kellogg, Thos. Davis and James Ballard, be a central committeo for tho ensuing year for this District, and that they also prepare an address to its electora. Resolved, Thnt James Ballard bo requesied to Jecture in this District on the subject of slavery at such timo and place as shall suit his convenience. Resolved, That this convention recommend to the fnends of the slave in this District to favor the Signa 1 of Liberty, (a spirited anti-slavery sheet published at Ann Arbor,) with their patronage. Resolved, That the thank3 of this Conveniion be presented to the Editor of the Enquirer for tendering to us the use of his columns. Resolved, That the proceedings be signed by the President and Secreto ry, and pubüshed in the Grand Rapids Enquiror and Si"nal oP Liberty.