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Duty Of The Slaves To Rebel Against Their Masters

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The abolitionists have never advised the ! slaves lo rcsist ihe tyranny and usurpations of iheir mastcrs by physical force. - Manyofthem are utterly opposed (o all war, and all agree that th"e permanent in1 leresis of ihe slave will be better secured by patiënt cndurance for a season, than by i a general and bloody nsurrection. But it has probably not occurred to many,jhat in the Declaration of Independence, the duty of the opprepsed foright theniselves by rebellion, was Iaid down by our fathers, in these words: "All exporience hath shown, that mankind are disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to nght themselves by abolishing the forms to which they aro ac customed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpatious, pursuing invariably thecamc olject,eviuces a design to reduce them under absolute despotismt it is tiieir rxcjht, ÍT IS THEIR DUTY to throw off such governmeut, and to provide new guards fdr their future security," Should we therefote advise the slaves to rebel, we should do no more than our faihers have already done. We should only repcat the advice which has been read to thousands of them on every fourili of July for more than sixty year9."'-■■■ - ■"- (íCrSome of our Eastern üxclnnr claim thatthe town of Florence, Tí. . gave a greater Liberty vote according rn the number of votes polled than any lowu in the United States. Florence gave 40 IVhig votes, 84 Democratie, GO Libcriy votes. We can beat lhat,hovever,althoug!i on a small scale. The town of Leroy Galhoun County, gave 12 Whig votes, 10 Democratie, and 24 for Liberty. Ncxi year we shall expect to heir of many towns in this State, that will give a mjorily of Liberty votes.