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The Texan Congress Have Erected A Marble Bust Of Senator Wa...

The Texan Congress Have Erected A Marble Bust Of Senator Wa... image
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QThe Texan Congress have nrncted n marble bust of Senator Wulker of Mississippi, who mado the motion in the U. S. Senale for the recognition of the independence ofTexas; oud have directed a portrait of Senator Preston, who seconded the motion - to be placed in the capítol of the Republic. (tThe destrucción of the Philantliropist presa has calkd out strong expvessions of eympathy from various papere, poülical and religious, and the pecuniary loss wi!I probab!y be amply compensated by the amount ot' the donations ihat have been mailt; fur that purpose. (ELibeiua haea popalation of 2,500 souls. The Missionary societics of different dnominations expend arnsng them not less than $60,000 an nuaüy. Tlio colony is better supplied with religious instruction thaa any other poriion of the world. QCThe number of free bom children re duced to slavery jn the United States every year is 158,333, or 433 every day! Do we r.ot. read eomewhore in the Bible, that the Lord is the Avengcrof the poor and needy, and of these who hnve no helper? dThe "i'ruteclionist," pubiished in Indiana, is to be enlarged and issued ueekly. This is a good move, and will be sustained. Eúch State oiight to aod will support a weekly anti-alavery paper. Judge Clav, oi'Keiuucky is said to Lave declared, when he read the Black Law of Ohio, "that if a mar. should rolurn to him one of his fugitive elaes under thet law, he sbould watch him while in his house íor fear he would rob him.1' (UTie editora and publiehera of newspapers in Kentuclcy recently held a convention, aod strongly recommended the cash systèoi for general adoption iu conduct:ng the publishinjr business.