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The Free People Of Color

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The culort-d people in the free Stales are making rapid ad vanees in ntelJi-enco, mhh and respectability. Five weekly newspa pers and one monlhly magazine are conduct ed by colored people. Schools for colored people have been greatly muJtipüed. Sotne of our best colleges have opened their portals for tfie reception of colored sludents. One or the slaves liberatod by Mr. Birney is now in Ohio, pursuing his collegiate studies.- When first received, there was aaitea. Dreindice against him, but nt ihe cnd ofsix montha Lis unexc.'ptionablo deportment had cnused it lo disappear. In the cily and county of Philadelphia, in 1837, were 15 colored churches, 34 clergy men, 2l day schools, 6 teachers, 17 Sabbath schools, 125 Sabbath school teachers, 64 be nevolent socielies, 3 üterary societies, 3 deIaiingsocietie8, a moral reform society and a lyceum. SajB the Pennsylvania Preeraan,"Wc converserl, yeslerdny, with an intcliicnt Iudy, who has resided tliree years ir. riiüadelphia, yet who did know that the coloredpeoplehada single church of iheir own in the city. Her surprise was very great when we told her (here we re as many as a dozen - that some ofthese wero very large and spaciöüè buildings, and some of them even elegant; and that if she would nccompany us to one or twoof them, on so:ne dny of public worship, we would show as respeciable, well dressed, well behaved and inteligeni looking conííiegations as she was in the habitof seehv.