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■The (Juv. ut" Georgiain his late messnge to the Legislature, lays bcfore them a new slave case, where a eertain Greenman, ns he saya, has stolen a woman belonging to onë Flounioy, a slavc owner of that State, tor whose arrest he has made (Iemand upon Gov. Seward of N. Y., who in return nsks for proof ín the case, and refuses to obey the order uutil it ia rendersd. MoDunald like a truo Soulherner, blusters away about the constitulion aud the right3 of tiie South and goes on to recommend the passage o lawa whicb he supposes will remedy the matter. This last case seems to have so wrou't upon the poor man, that he says nothing of the Maine affair about which'be has so raved and foaraed in times past, and if we do not misiake, he will have to forget this and many others which will yet happen,by being caüed to those of a more recent dale, until like John Gilpin, tshnll besaid ofhim, uWhere he did get up, he did get down again.'' A as! for our peculiar institutioa.