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Cass County: For The Signal Of Liberty

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To those fiicndly to the cause of AntiSlavery 1 would s-iy, ih.u ihrough the misrepreseniations o! öur proslavery neigli bora probably not more than one third as many Liberty votos were given ín this county as olhervvise would have been. - The rumour wus prevalent ihat our nominees for Representativos decüned having their ñames lieilire the public on tho Liberty tkktít. Howover I am ineüned to believe it was a mere humbug. In a cause of so rnueh importaoce, 1 can not persuade niyselfihat any meo of sound principies who had becoine decided that a poüticul cpúrse had become expedient in forvvarding the emancjpation of the 6 u (Tering njilliuijá residing in this Iree country, (shall I say free,) would abnudon his standard, fur the appluuse or honors cfeitber of the proslavery partjes. í can hardly lc induced to believe ihat a man is woriii a freetnutfs suj)port as a member of our Legidlature, who is so void of principie, that htí can sit contemud and unfeelingiy 8e"e his fellow beings,alihough of a difierént comylexion, enslaved, sold, and disposed of like Ihe brute creation, tornfrom relativesiind friends, torturad, tlegiaded, and deprived of a!i the social enjoymtntíof iife, without the least provocatioi), for no oiher crime than the Creator has caused thetn lo diíFer in complexión, or.because their anceetorswe ro 6 treated.before them. lam a ware t is nol th8 complexion jixírely, ihatcauses ihe-stave '.ó be t'hiis treated: it oulv serves as an excuse for ihe inhuman tyran! wlio are almost as tavsny as their slaves. and where tliose of theNorth disturl) tliem,they are ready to threatea thèm wiih a worse déétiny, i trust a twelve month wil) find the banger ot' the Liljerty party unfurled ín Casa and Van Buren CounMea. Our inends ure getüng owako on the subject, nnd we havo recentlv among usa zealouê advocate, late frotn Virginia, who is lectunng ou tfao subject.