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Our Jockey President

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-Aclent o! ihe Cmcinnati Gozetle details the uljowing charucieristic transaction of the 'high-mmded Virginia gentleman,"whoro he whig parly helped to pjace at the head ofthegovernraenl. The President visiied the Washington lace Course the other day, and behaved, . think, rather too democratícally, by tacing u stand wiih the club, and pnricipating n their cheer. I do not think it al all pruper n our Chief Mtigistrate to set such au ex mple. He should eschew such scènes of jrofligacy ond vice, and give them nocuuoenance whatever, fur, in my opinión, ihey re nothing but sinks of iniquity. h would e inuch more useful, instead of fonning lubs for ihe improvement of ihe race ol' orses, to form clubs to prevent the degen racy of the race of man. The National ockey club dined wiih the President next ay - were transferred from the turfto ie palace, and did ampie justice to his Ex ellcncy's jïtiod thins. The State of Alabama has but onc bank - a State B ink and branches whos presni circulation a9 8tated in ihe Governor's Vlessiige is seven millions of dollars!