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Southern Legislation

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The Morning Stnr has publishcd a statetnenc of the tyrannical proceedings of the N O. City council against the free colored peo pie, and nek, very eensibly, "Why die! not the New Orleans oounci enforce her rnnny ortünations upon the por Negro, Griffe and Mulalto, by oruaininnr still further; that su tnucii of tho law of God, whether recnrded in the book oí' iiatüre, in the holy bible, or upon the rmked heart of man, as in any way contravenes these our enaclmer,ts,"shalf be and is lereby epea!ed entirely and forever."- VVhy did not the council add tiiis. h wouldcastan air ofconsistency over it? )roceedior. h must in its j;real wisdom ino-.v that uniess some of Heaven's lawsaro repcaledjtheso lts own laws cannot be regurded-by lbose who regard God. Why didtbe council not do this;speci:illy,while with the gkkatest cod, slaveryt in the chair, itmight havc done it with case, nd still maintaincd ils high repuíation forjtisticeand hamanity.1'