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Northern Slaveholders

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A Mr ,both li i rusel f and vite,runrnbers of ihe Congregational church in Plymoulh, hos resided lor four or iive years past in Edgefield, S. C, and bought a woinan, Dinah, and it is reported on gooJ authoriiy, ihat he made n selling her $500. The wiie of Mr. said of Dinah, ihat she was an excellent vóman,nd would often peakofher husbund, from whum slic was formerlysold, wiih tears. The daughler of ihese professors of religión, some Oor 10 years oid} was rebuked by some of the children at school in Plymoulh, ior profane swearing. She replied ihat most al) ihc children at tbe South svvore. VVill nol parents and grandparents begin to Ceel by and bye thatour northern christiuns have someihing to do with slavery ? A Mr. ■, who belongs in Harwinlon, and who has resided fifteen years at the Souih, was asked by one oí our friend?, whether he tho't it right to take slaves, to secure debts, and he replied ihat he had no scruples in doing it whatever. He then stated what the above slaveholder said touching merj's selüng theirown childrejif and asked him ifit was true. He stateti that he knéw an old Yankee at the Soullï, who had had children by his 6Íaves and their children by his children. "That many Icept slaves for tkeir own use.'1 - A peculiar phrase.