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Keep It Before The People

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That there are 2,500,000 slavcs in the United States. That these are bquglit and sold likc catt!c in the market. That in 1S3G, Virginia so!d G0,000 of lier own children, ata valuation of 24,000,000 dol. lars. Keep itbcfore the penple - That slavcry has Uventy-fivc representativcs upon the floor of congress, as the representativas of property. Keep it beforethe pcoplc - ThatOhin, under ihc oíd ralioof representation, wiih a íree populalion of 200,000 more than Virginia, had two members less than Virijinia. Keep ii beforc the people - That Pennflylvania, with a fice population, cqual almost toSuuth Corolina, Georgia. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentuclcy, will have, accordmg to the new ratio, say 60,000, twenty-eight representativcs, while these States will have 431Keep it bcforc Ihe pcopic - That New i York, wïth a populaíion of 2,428,919, is to have forty representatives, while ihe thirteen slave State?, with a free population of Iess than (Joublc that of New York, will have nincly-scven representatives in Congress ! Keep it beforc the people - Tliat the free population of the North is 9,053,702 and will have on the iloor of Congress onc hundred and fifiy-four representatives; while the South, with a freo population of 4,8?2,S73- !ess than half- is to have 07! Whereas, if the ratio of rcprcsentalion wasbased upon fren population only, thcir number would bc 73. Keep it befure the pcopic - That the distribution of the revenue, llrom the sale of public land, say L3,000.000 per annum, is made aceordin to the electoral vote, instetfd of llic free population. So that the slave state3 reccive, for a free population less than half in number tothose of the frec States, iwice as much of of the revenue, in proportion lo the population. Instance - Free population of ihe frec statcs, O,G53,762. Dividend, 1,815,020 dollars. Free population of the Slave States, 4, 812,873. Dividend,!, 181,702. The injusiiec of this división may bc clearly scen, when it ís remembered that, of tlic money thus dislributcd, the people of Oliio, Indiana, Illinois and IVÍichigan gei to each inhabuant, IS 1-8 cents; wijjle South Carolina gein 42 1-G; Georgia 28; Alabama 28; Louisiana,28; Kentpclcy 22; and Tenucssec, 22 ets. to each inhubU tant. And thus endd the great 'DistributionBill' of the Whigs, Keep it before the pcople - That t ï I - legislation of whiehso much is said in bchalfof the party in power, is giving the South a premium for slavery. Nut only tolerating it, but taking money boloiiging to hnrd-working men of the Ñorth, to pay southern men (or tlieir institution. Keep it before the people - That the surplus revcnue was dislributed in ihe same vay,in 1837, and no protest was en tered by any man on the Hoor of conu;rc.-s. Keep t bcforè ihe people - That for forty out forty-cight years, Havcry has had a President frorn her territorv.Keep it before the peoplc - Tbat for thirty out of thuty-eiyht years, we have had a slaveholding Speaker in the Houseof Reprosentatives, who has the uppoint- ] ment of uil the comrniitccs. Keep it bctbre llic peoplc - Tliai since 1830, there hnve been live appointmenls to the bench of the Supremo Court of the United States, and evcry onc from slavc States, Keep it lcfore the pcople - Tiiat tlic District ot Columbia is the greatest slavc mart in the world; and thut on the pacs of its sialule boolc, among luw:, bloody as dcath,stands unrepcalcd the f"l lowing: 'A slavo cunviclcd of ectting iire to a buiding, &lmll have his hend cut off) and his budyAiiivided anJ liiing up in the most public places.' Sce Lates of the District Keep it beforc the pcoplc - 'i'hat f-uc!i n luw inakcs a model of our republic, for Princc Metlcrnich tó laugïi a!,nnd to ivc his public crimináis thfrcböice of wcakin ia the State mhies for Ufe, or bfcirrg baiiiilicd to the United Siate; and to know thal they the farmer. Sce Broolcs Letter from Aushia. Keep it beforc the pcoplc - That from 182G to 1S28, six persons iyeru sojd fpr their jail fces, in the District pfCpluhvbm; and thal on ihe 8ih oí Fcbruary, ISoo, eighty-two northern congressmen voted that Conprcss onfht not, in any %vay, intcilcre with slavery in the District of Columbia.