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Evcry tlii'ríg is promising. I rcturnod home from the tleliglitful mee! ing at Worcester, perícctly satii-fícd ilic Meno Tekel was wriltcn úpon American Slaycry - üelieving there is not tho least mi slak e lo Le apprehcndcd in our present couise; ve have at Icnjíth gnt down throuh onr dd wretched :iL?tractions and miserable inconsistencics oí' praying, (ilcatíing and pretitioning to abotish slavery and going straight to the poi's and voting for'oür purty prL--lavery or slávelioTdingcandidatcs ít.r Congress or Vice President of the Uniiod iSlates. This belongs to ihe hazy, indistinct cloudy coursc of!íc past, Wc have at last got our foct dü on tho deten rock bottom, wilh a elcar sm fhiniü,.r öjn their path. Our friends now see ihut póIitical acti on is the grcr.t power of this country, and l! it is most emínendv a ' rcligious power, lor whieh wc are réspón,sibie to tho Almighty sg lo hfc it fürtho slave as lo j)rom;jlc the happiness of the greatest number, as we are to -pcak ti.e Irut'ii wlich sworn as witnesses in a court of justice. JIr. Coüins spoke at the 3:;.tc meeting at Worccster, and expressed Uïu self for politieal aciion; and matiy, rt fs snppoèed, of Mr. Cirrisi')s (Vionds see thal there is no olhcr way (br u?, and I hope Mr. Garrisoh KiroselfvviM f-cc true expedi'ncy requires thÍ3 coarse, tind lh;t lie will en;iloy liis gratul p:nveis of iütellcct in conducün ihc anti-?lavcry army to triutnph on ihe fio!l cf jiuüücmI aciion. I lament that he so seriou.-ly inI jured our movémeñt in thcr y.ear Öite of our politica! Exodus, and as he eces his friends concludmg to go vvüh ns in maijy instanees, that he vv 1 1 1 lor llie future pour the broadsides of his 74 into the pquatlryn of slavcry, instcad of the Liberty party.I seo no hope in New Eng!ai;d orPrew York, of tlic present pro-sl-ivcry church being üsed, as o gooil church might h;:vc been, to híivé overturned slavery ataño. - We have no choice therefqié leít. btit by a vigorous use of polilical powcr as a Chriítian duty, lo storm the caslic of sjavóry. The Church has refutad the great and imrnortal honor of overthrov. ing this horrible power. 'i'he power of the church vas natura tlv iittci!, and by forco of po.-ition and moral capital emincntly suited to have underiaiièó this work. She had Ihe immortal hunor tendered to hor, for sevcn long year?, but she refused, as a great whole, to give us the bencütof a single censure, or even a wcll-tiinod scowl at ëlavéry; but ?!ie has been liberal in the use of the satire kind of g rape and cannister shof, which.she has leveücd at us, as hor targc!, u iih scientifie dextcrity. U wc coüid not employ the cburch of this country to ovcnurn slavery, what other meaiiö had we lelt but a reöprt to the baliot box. Most clearly vvcdesirod to have it olherv. se in the bcginning of the reformation-, but pohtical action lias been forced upou us, as ú dernier resort, or elsc abiindon the glorious enterprise. This ycar wiil settlc the quësfion in the minds of the slayeholiler ii::d bis ó]lójisis;, áñtl thosetimid neutra Is who are e.xis'ing at ihe cenire of gravny, and are liiieiy ló o oue way as ;:n.,lhcr, or from an oquaiiiy of attraclion lo be held halfrway bei ween a well balancei Übubtahtl a thriving conjucture, until ihey pétrify for want of molion, and pass down to coming times as the violims of ööpiliofi. Tiiat political aclion, the instrument by which siavcry was creaíed and perpclúated, a now to bc cinploycd in the holy h-Incas of undoing the mïschiéf and wrong which in days goue by it had [)Cipetrated, I urn coníident.