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lx tur HuU'K, Jan. 8. - Putitiona were presentcd ly M. Luthrpp, of 1C4 legal voters oCKulumiizoo Cuunty, praying ihat' he right of tria! by j'ir bc extended to eyerv human being. Kelerred t ihe commítico op Judiciury, toether wilh the ful ow ing resulutiont uffcred by Mr. Loüirop: lst. Resolved, That the commiitee on Judiciary b instructed to inquirc aud re )urt to this Itnisc, wlveiher, in thcir opinión, (he existing laws nre suiricient to protccl the personal Hberty of cvery ciiizen nul siranger wilhin the jurisdictiön of thta Sti.te. 2. Resolved, That f, in the opinión of ihe committee, the laws now in forcé", are liot suflicient for that purpose, ihoy be required lo report a bilí to this House, that in their opinión shall efl.eclually secure the same. Pctitions were prescnled from Washtenaw and Livingston, próyiiig that linnk stockhoïders rirov be made personally res ponsibje.The bilí to repeal ihe suspensi"n act was sharply debated. It was proposed that any Bank refusing (o puy specie, huuld füiTeit its charter, and auy officei of a bink who e-hall seil any hullion while refusing, shull be deemed guilly of a felony, :nd punjshed by niprisotunent nöt less than one nor more ihau ton )ears. Somo thought Uiese provisions unnecessarily -ce vcre. The bill was" engro?scd fnr tl third reading. Iá Sexate. Jim, 10.- The Senate pnssed ihro.igh its sëveral stages a bill tu cui duwn the pny of members to $2 perday. Bat its cliaractcr was changed by repeatcd imendrtjenJ?", and now ir próvidos ;r no reductiun of pay, but declares the session shall nol sil longer than GO da s. Ms-rs. Kingplcy nd Shearcr advocated 2 per .'ay. Mr. Fuller was fnr reduction. Mr. Walker was (at $3. Mr. Hwiit for $3 f;r 43 days atid $2 dollars afterwards. - Aftcr consiJt rabie discuísi.m, the blank was fiiled wiih the word "ihree."" The amcndrncn's wore adopted in gro s - yeas 10, nnys 7. Tne amendment limiting the sesrinn toGO days, was adopted - yeas 10, nays G. In the IIcUáE, Jan. 11.- Mr. Norvcll reporfed concernin the securities held by the State against the Morris Canal Comany, represetiting it to be doublful whether the Stato will ever realizo any thing rom ihem.Ik Sexatk, Jan. 11.- Mr. Fulier called up the resoiution nstructiug our Senators and Representativo in Congress, to oppose all abridgment of the right of petilion. - And ihc original resoluiion camé up with an umendment which had been attached to t somc days ago, instructing thetn als oto opposo ihc passage of auy Bank oí Fiscal Agent by Congross. Mr. Greenly moved ils adopiion. Mr. Fulier called for a división of the question. He said he had introduced the original resoiution. He was no Aboliiionst. The right of petition he considered a saered right. lts connection with abolition moyements wus only incidental. - Fhough xu aholitionist, he was opposed to slavery. He regarded itas a ftul blot upon our nationai escutcheon. He wished to see the people left to the free exercise uf their rights in regard to t. After sorne further debate in regard to dividing the question, Mr. Bell moved that the whole matter bc laid on the lable, which was decided in the affirmative - yeas 14, nays 3. In the House, petiiions were presented by many members. Mr. Stewart, from the Judiciary Committee, brought in a report, decluring that no new law is neces sary to secure justice to all classes ofetti zens. (Mr. Hanscomb moved to lay the report on the table, as he wished more tin) to examine and perhaps report upon it.) - Carried. In Senate, Jan. 12. - The bill torepea the suspension act was adopted. Petition were presented from citizens of Farming ton for a jury trial law, and for an allera tion uf the constitution, relative to the elee tive franchise. Mr. Fulier called up tho rosolution inslructingour Senators and Representative I tn Congress to oppose all abridgment ( ' e right of peiilion, and also to oppoae tho ( assage of any bank or monied , on. Mr. Fuller called fora di,vision of ío question. The chair, after considerae debate, decided that in ilie presenl tage of proceedinga on the resoluiion, it eing on its final passage, ihe queSfjon as undividable. Mp, Fuller appealed from the decisión "ihe chair. Mr. Gidley moved ihat the resolution bc eferred with instruclions to strike out uil fter the enacting clause. A message was eccived from the House t!mt ihey were jw roiidy to meel the Senalein Joint orivehtion; for the purpose óf elccling a tate Treasurec f.r l.e une.xpired term, hen Mr. Groenly moved to lay the reso rtïón on the lable, which was agreed to. The two houses then met in joint conention, when the voterstood lor Stafe 'rcasurcr, for John J. Adam, 5?, for G. V. Jermain. 9. Jan. 14, Mr. prescntcd pctions fromcitizons of Washtenaw pr-aying r a law secariiig a jury trial, and for n amendrncnt of ihe cousütution relative o the eleetive franchise. Reforred. In tuk {.Liüsk, the puy of the members wasdiscussed. A motion to limit the pay of members toGOdavs was los', aj es 23, noes, 27. A motion to limit ihe "pay to $2,50 per day was loat- the bill ihcn possod. J;ifuiary 15, the )ill (o aboüshihc oflV.-e of State Printer, passmL