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The New York Watchman Devoted to tne interests of protestant Christianity, Literature, Science, Education, the Arts, Agriculture, the moral enterprises of the age, and to the diffusion of genera! intelligence. "Knowledge is as tho lightof heaven: free, pure, pleaeant, exhaustless. It invites all to possession; it admits of nopreomption, no rights exclusive, no monopoly.' For six years, this paper has been gaining in liie confidence of the public. lts character as an independent, literary and religioue journal, is now fully established,asis evident from its circulation omong all classes of the community. Those vho desire A GOOD FAMILY NEWSPAPER, Free from those features of sectarianism, whichareso offensive to the spirit of Christianity - a paper which admits suitable ur ticles on all subjects upon which the corumunity need to be inforraed - a paper open, pspecially to the claims of suffering humanity, may be assured that no eöbrts will be spared to renderthis acceptable and worthy of their patronage. It has a large nuraber of able and intelligent correspondents, whoae communications will enrich its columns from time to time, on natural and revealed theology, revivals, miesions, human rights, temperance, education, sabbath and cotnmon schools, moral reform, health, ogriculture, geology, physiology, natural nnd mental philosophy, music, reviews of books, &c. - In a word, it occupies a field of usefulnees. not appropriated hy any other jpeiiodical m this orany other country. The seventh Volume commenced January 1, 1842. The price is only two dollars a year, in advante ; and this is sufficiently low to put it within ihe reach of all. Reader, you have a personal interest in the New York Watchman! For, he who has a heart to know his whole duty, whose soul thirsts for Information on all thoee subjects most directly connected with jian's liighest happiness, will find assistance in the columns of this paper. The W atchman is pubhshed every Saturday. at 126, Fulton streef, New York, where subscriptions are respectfully solicited. ECONOMY IS WEALTH." THE subscribers will pay two cents per pound in Goods or Paper for any quan tily of Sood clean SVVINGLE TOW, dehveredat the Ann Arbor Paper Mili. J. JONES frSONS. Anti Arhor, Jan. 12, 1842. 38-tf BLANKS of every descriptio neatlj executed at this office. THRESHING MACHINES, HORSE POWER, MILLS, &c. THE undersigned are manufacturingand will keep constanlly oa hand at their shop twoanda half miles weet of Ann Arbor, near the Rail Road, HORSE POWERS and THRESHING MACHINES.- The horse power is a new invention by S. W. Foster, and is djcidedly fáperior lo any thing of the kind ever befare offered to the Public. The pnce of a Four Horse Power, with a good l'hreshing Machine is 120 dollars, at the shop; without the Machine, ninety dollars. These Horse Powers can be used with two, lliree or four horses to good advantage. Three men wrtk two horses, can thresh one hundred bushels of wheat per day (if it yields middling wel!,) and it wiil not be hard work for the horsee. The Horse Power and Thresher can both be put in a common waggon box, and drawa any distance by two horses. The Twa Horst Power will be sold at the 6hop, with the Thresher for one hundred dollars; without the Thresher, for seventy-fivé dollars. They also manufacture STRAW CUTTERS, recenily invented by S. W. Foster, which are decidedly preferable to any others for cutting straw or corn stalkB, by horse or water power. They also work by hand.- Price, fifteen dollars. -ALSO- CAST-IRON MILLS for grinding provender, at the rate of six to eiglit busbels per hour, with two horses or by water. - Axso - OCp'SMUT MACHINES of superior construction. Invented by S. W. Fostbb.- Price, 8ixty dollars. S. W. FOSTER, fc Co. Scio, June 23, 1841. JO-lyMORTGAGE SALE. BEFAULT having been made in the payment of a certain sum of money, secured by indenture of mortgage. executed by Barney Davanny to Jacob L. Larzelere and George B. Daniels, dated, July the 21st, A. D. 1337, and recorded in the regi6ter'8 office in the county of Washtenavv, Michigan, on the 28th day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight huodred and thirty-seven, in liber fiva of mortgages at page two hundred and eighty-tliree, whereon 19 due at 'the date of this nolice two hundred and cight dollars and forty four cents, which said mortgago bas been duly assigned to the 6ubsciiber. Nolice Is therefore hereby given that on Thursday the third day of February next, at one o'clock, f. m., at the Court House in the village of Ann Arbor, inthecounly of Washtenaw, will be sold at public auction the preñases in said mortgage described, beïng all that certain piece or parcel of land sitúate in the county of VVashtenaw, State of Michigan and boundcd and described aa follow9: it being the west half of the eouthwest quarter of section number seven, in township number one eouth of range number four east, containing eighty one and thir ty one hundredth acres of land. FRANCIS M'CONIN, Assigneo. H. Hewett, Attorney. Dated Nov. lst 1841.TAILOUING BUSINESS! AM. NOBLE, would respectfully in form the citizens of Ann Arbor and tts vicinity, that he has recently opened o shop in the Lower Town, immediately over the late meroantile stand of Lund y Gibson, aud opposite the shoe store ot' J. Beckley, „ fa. Co., where lte ia prepared at all times to do work in liis line, vvilh promplness, and iu a neat and durable manner. Particular attention wül be paid to cutting garments. Produce will be taken at the usual prices, for work done at his shop .- ■ Thoae who have casli to pay for services oi this kind, are particular invited to cali. Ann Arbor, Octobur 6, 1841. tf FORK AND WHEAT wanied by F. Denison, for which gooda or money will be paid at fair rates. Ann Arbor, Dec 21, 1841. 26 tf EHlMOTHY SEED AND H1DES- -- Cash will be paid at all times for Timothy Seed, Htdks nd Wheat, when delivered at my store in Ann Arbor, (Upper Town.) F. DENISON. Dec. L9,1 84 1. SG-tf "NO REPUD1AT1ON." TATE SCRIP will be taken at par for 5 Goods at the store of the subscribers for a few daye. . JONES, k. SÖJYS. Ann Avbor, Jan 12, 1841 CASH FOR WHEAT. F DENISON will pay cash for Wheal on delivery al his store. GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, FOR 1842. ! The most splendid and vaiuable Alonlhly Periodieal ever published. Tiic only magazine devüted to Ladies and conducled hy members of Iheir own sex. Compused en tirely of original articles, by the most eminent' writera of the age; and iMnbellished j with a larger nutnber and a greater variely of, elegant and attrucuve picíorio'l ü- 1 lnstratiuosj tlian any similar publication. EDITED BY Mrs. Sarah .T. Ilale, Morton M'Michael, rat L, H. Sigoirney,L. A. Gouey. CONTIUBUTOR8 TO F.AC1I KUMBER. Miss. C. M. Sedgwick, N. P. Willis, Wira E. Leslie; Mrs. C. Lee Henez, Mrs. E. C. Emburj', T. S. Arthur, Theodore S. F.iy, Mrs. E.F. Ellet. 1 In nnnouñcing to his nn-nerous pairons nnd the public at lurge, hiu arfangérnetnè for the j'f-ar 1842, Ujp proprietor of Godoy's Lidy's Book, takes occasion to ackiiowlooge tlie unparalloiCL1 and triumjjtiant succe!í3 of his Magazine, wriicíi has now reached tliu extraordinary nunber oïfurty thousand. monthly; being a larger edilion thitn Ims ever been prjnted of any other vvor!; of any descriptiun in America. This sucess he is aware haa been attftiiied by tlie vast swporiority vvliich the Lady's Book has nlivpys maiiitained oyer tlieconleaiporary magazines which have atlempted to rival its riirits, ai s'iperiority which lie i.-? still determined loj preserve by keeping it, in all its dtipartments hlerary, iiellectual and moral, as well asj pictorirtl, emblematic, artistic, and mechani-j cal, That this is no ïdle boast, hc appeals to the experienee of tho past twelve years, m all wl.ichiime, heh.a$ made no iromise to the public which he has not strictly j formed, nor ünderiöiien ahythlpg which hia ; means did riot enablu him to acconiplish to the utmost. Entering, as he is about to do, on the 24th Volume of the Lady's Book,! with increasttd energy and accumulated re-! 8ourcea:wth an ampie knowledge of the bu-l Biness in which he is eugaged, acquire:! by; long years of unremitted application: vvicha' eubscripllon list unparalleied in [ha annals tjf literalure; with numerous faciiilies uot' possessed by any other pu!lisher; wiih well-: digested and wideexteuded argumenls; audi above al!, with a aleadfast purpoee of inain-. taining the lofly elevation his work has reached, the proprietor has not hesitated to incur cxpiiiises, which under other circiuu' stunces rnight prove Btartling, bul by means of which he will bc cnabled to naku tlie i dy's Book, the richest, the rarest, the most, attractive, and the most vuluabie periódica!, intrinsical and sxtrinsically, ever ufieied to the American public. Literarï DurAUTMKMT. - It has ever been the aim of the proprietor to impart to the Luly'e Book a high literary and moral' lone, and for lh9 purpose hc hae, without regard to cost, procured the aid of the moet! eminent v.-rilere and, for several years past,! has commiued its editorial supervisión to Mrs. J, Hale, Mrs. Lydia H. Sigourney,and Miss E. Lesüe, ladies of l:om riot only. their own eex, but the uijole country, have reason to be uroud. In this respect, the Lady's J3ook eujoys a decided advwntage over ül] other publications, as it is the only uorlc devuUd lo ladies, ladiss derive an ad' vantage wlnch must bc obrious to every parent, huaband, brother, nnd well as to every lady wiio propt-rly appreciates tho o'ignity and importaocH of her sex. - To add to its supenority in tiu'a particular tlie propiietor has secured in addition to the ladies aiready mentumed, the invaluable serj vices of Misa C. M. Sedgewick, author of Redwood, Clarence, Letters from England, fcc. Stc. ; a writer, whose efforts in raising the intelectual standard of her sex, and vindicating the truc rights of woinan,not less than her richly-gifted intellect and varied information, have gained her a reputation as wide us it will be enduring. IJ e has also made arrangement e, by which, be6Ídcs regular contributions frornMrs F C Embury, Mrs H B Stowe, Mrs P S O3good, Mrs. S. Smtth, Mrs M H Piirsons, Mrs. J. Tliayer, Mrs A M P Annan, Mrs. L. Heniz, Mrs E F: Ellet, Mrs. E. C. Sedman Jtfrs. Dupuy. Mrs. M. Uncan, i Vrs V. E. Howard Mrs M St Lond, j .Miss E, Allen Mrs CHW Esling Mra S E Pailey, Miss M, B. Snow, Miss E. Leslie, Kale Franklin. He will be enabled to iurnish articles from Maria Edgworth, Mrs. S. C. Hall, I Mary II. Milford, iMrs Hofland, Mra C BWilson,} Mary Howilt, and other English lady-writers of distinction, some of whom have airead)' published in the Lady's Book the only original cuntributions they have ever made. to American htcrature. Nor has he omitted to pro cure the assistance of' eminent writera of both sex. A ware of the universal and well; deserved popular ity of N. Willis, Esq.;' and confident that tho productions of hïs grocefuland elegant pen will be highly ac- ceptable to the readers of the Lady's Book, ihe proprietor has entered )Qto an arrange-j ment, Ijy whicl he will be ablc to givo in each nuuibér of his work an exclusive arlicle from the gentleman; and lie has also retain-; all of the contributors whose vvritings have herelofore given such ampie satisfaction in; cluding Epes öargent, W. G. Simms, Esq. Geo. P. Morris, Prol'easor Ingraham, Jos. R. Chandler, Professor Dimitry, Robert Morris, Professor Frost, Finy Earle, M. D. Professor Wal i er, N. C. Brooka, A. M. Park Bfinjamin, Esq. E. Halden, R. S. MücUcnzio, A. M'Makin, T. S. Author, Eaq. L. F. Tasistro, II. W. Herbert, Tlufus Dawes, Jos. C. Neal, E. G. Squier, Hon.R. T. Conrad, J. M'Lella, Jr. Dr. J. K. Milchell, Jas. Aldnch. With such aid, it is not too much to soy,! that the Literary Department of tho Lady's Book will eurpass any thing that has ever been orean be attempted. Oukamenxa.1. Departmknt. - It is a source of no little pride to tho Pruprietor of the Lady's Book, that he first introduced into this country the plan of furnishing, alon withamonthly periodical of elegant literature, einbellishtnents of an attractive and costly chitracler. The first eteel engraving9 ccoinp;nying such a work were given by him; the first mezzotint engraving was given by him; the first patterns of lace-work andembroicJory were givcn by biro; the liratcolored piales of fashion were given by him; tho iirst music was given by him. are things tü which be would not refer, ifsome of tiioso wlio liave essByed to follow. in his footstcps, ruit content wiih hróltatíñg uil his designs, even to thé form of hjs book, lli; size of his lype, and Uie color of his cove.r, liad uot foolishly put forward claims to orig inality, and ettemptcd to fouud a riglit to im , exclusive inerit oa doing that v-Uich ihcy have borrowed froni his example. But what he lina donu heretofúre in the way oí' embdlishments to his Bopk, thouh it f';ir exceeded any eiFort of those ulio strove to ccpy 'lia movements, cannot compare (viili wlmt henow means 10 do. ilis arrangements for thia departmont of his work bvs been prujected on the most liberal ecule of espeuditure, in vol ving an extent of' outlay Biich as bas never before betn drenined of in.any ju - riodical, EtJUbpean or American. As an evidence o f -his intontions, be nnvv stHtes that I each riomberof the Lady's Bookfor tho ensu! ing year, wiil contain ai least three splendul ! engravings; embra,ciug ia the senes every ' posèible vunety of subjoc'.s. Histoii!tl,LaHd senpe, Picturèsque, Portraiture, Lnjagjuaxive and fiuiblematical, and execu'-ed in evt-iy poesible variety of the art; inezzotint, line md tnezzotitit, stipples medalion, aid that most cbaste and expressive tnannor, the üne anü dut cumbincd, wliich has g'iveii such world ! vviiiecel'.'biily lo the worksof modern artista. Splendidly co'ored platt-s of thü fashions, i vvill also bc givon every month, contamiug at least four íemala figures, and crnbo'3yin in every instanca the latcst costumee, received dircclly f rom a correspondent at Puris. In order to give the greatest attractiveness to the subjects of his émbolfishmèrits, the I Proprietor has given orders to varioue Ame1 rican Painters, ofeslablished reputation,who i are now engagcd in preparing éxprestiy fbr i the Lady's .Byokjninnerous original piclures, i on National and Historical events, Botn'e of I which are neirly compleled, nnd Roon wiil !e in the handa of the engraver. Among the ! painters tiius eageged he may enumérate ! J G Chapman, Painteroflhe National Picture of the Bajptism of Pocahontas. 1 P P Rothermc!, J P Frankenste'm, : 8 S Osgood,o Bosl.l YVilliam?, fcc. He has a!tjo established a correspondence in Londoo, thröugh wliich Ife vvili receive early proof inipresstons of llie fineet priute ! executed ni that metrópolis, and wiil thus be constantly suppiied witli an immense variety from which lo make suit&ble selecliuns bs vveJ! as a series of pictorial illustrations of Shakespeare; two of which, Anna Poge and J aster Slendor by Iieslie, and Katharine and Petruchio, by Cattannole, and are now neaily ready. Among tho subjects at present in preparation for the Lady's Iiook, muy be nientioiied Morniug Devotion and Evening Devotion, - two euperb pictures cf doniesiic piety ; the EfFects nfladustry and the EfFects of Iiileness, - admirable illustralions of great moral truths; Tha Old Soldier and his Family, a beautiful transcript of patri tic feelings; several of Sir David Wilkie's most valued compositions. Departingfor the Fair and Returning from market,- charm'nig specimens of rural life;The Viilage Amanu'snsie, Fortune Telling; The Secret Di6cnverod, The Maiden's Cnambcr, The Ehiptment of Blanca ('3pelln, Lcc k.c ; and Edwin Lamlseer's 3a:t und greatrst prodtiction. Youthful ïnnocence, of which the only copy in tlie country is that which belongs to the propnetor. Determined to gratify every possible variety of taste, the propristor has also made arrangements lor a serios of the most euperb Mezzoiinls ever executed in this country, several of which are already engruved, and wiil be given to his subecribers, as soon as a sufficient number of impreesions enn be taken to aupply his immense edition. Beeides the services of U . S. Sadd, of New York, tvho lias now in hand a number of piates, the proprietor Ims secured the services of Mr. Humïhrey':5 of Londpn: who is universally conceded to 6tand in the foremost rank öfEWglish Engravers, end whose splendid efforts in mezzount have commanded the ai)mirati-n of the most distinguished amateurs and critic3. This eminent artist is now engaged in preparing expressly for tho Lady's Book, a number of mezzotint pictures, which the proprielor pledges himself wi.l be of an uosurpassed excellence; and of the most interesting and attractive snbjects. To guard against all possibility of difliculty hereaftrr, he has tikewise ordcred from England, a complete mezzotint establishment, and mmediately on its arrival. Mr. Williani E. Tucker, of this city, wiil commenco operations, in that department of art. in order to procure these various embellishments in seuson, the proprietur has made permanent arrangeinents vvith tho following eminent engravcre, all of whom aro now engaged in executing steel piales for tiiu Lady's Book. New York. Philadelriliia. A L Dick, W E Tucker, N Gimberede, J B Ne3gle, W H Jackman, J B Forrost, J G Dunne), VV H Ellis, A Jones, E Humphreys.Transaiissiu.n' bv mail, - One advantage the subscribers of this vvork will have, wijl be its early reccption. It will be received Qt the remotesi cilios of the Union, by the first day of tlic; uonth of publication. Clubmng. - Lady's Book, 1 year, and People'8 Library, 1 year, èOO Lady's Book and Yuung People's Book, 5,00 Do Arnuti.'Ui'á Musical Library, (containing 200 rages of newand beautiful music.) 5,00 Do Scolt'e Novt-ls and People's Library, 1 year. 10,00 Dr Scott's miscGlIaneous work and People's Library, 1 year. 10,00 Dn All Scot't8 Works, complete in 10'vols. and People's Library, 15,00 Do Thier's Hiatory of the Fr. Revolution. 10,00 Do Piclorial Library, 1 year, aud People'3 Library, 1 year. 10,00 Do and Younj? People's Book,lO,00 Lord Bacon's works; Thiers History of the French Revolutioi;, and Wayérley's Novéis, in 5 vob. 20,00 Do Thiers Revolution and Scotts Works, complete in 10 vols. 25,00 Buskness Department. - The price of this publication is three dollars per annum - two copies, one year, in adv&nce,five dollars. Those of onr friends wanting to subscribe to the best Two DoJlar Weekly Family Newspaper, publiehed in this city, can b8(accommodated ae follows: Two copies of the Saturdav Coimw year, and bodey 3 Laoy a Buok, oneve, sera tbr 3 rFiva copies of the Lady's Bo.ok 1 yr 10 '! Five copies oílhe Saitirday Courier' 1 and Ludy'sBuok, 1 year. 'Joyr' Eleven copies uftbe Líníy's Book 1 vr 20 nn Thirieeii copies of the Xady'a Boók and VValter Scoil's NoVeís, completo, 'orhi' misceihuiKous worfis, whiehsver msv u prefecreo. gQ lp' In all cases where money is 'emittedfn "Clulibing," the most liberal r.llowanceswií' be mode.. Tl)o tnoney, m all cases, to h positivoly rrceived heiore a riümbar ig sent No letters -.vill be taken from the Post Öffic onless the postagu on tliem is paid. uoe positive orders are given ai tho time or8Uba scriSing. the work will be cmiiinued aft n tliü íirt year, ajid if not paid durin tho year, ilio prico will be iticreased to 4 dollars Sddresa L A. GODEV, ' lül Chesnut street, Piiiladelplm VVJI1CII SBLLS IJS TH1S COÜKTKÏ 10 J TO 525 l'ER COPV. ' Ü Et-er] man. woman and child n the Uní led Stlftesj icho posscs.s a Dïbfe, u-Ui surdy furnhh iktunsvhes toitk the. ' Joilowing beuutiful series cf Scripture Illustratiom. riCTORlAI. ILIAJSTRATlOriS OP-Mrw JïiBLIS, A.SD VIEW OF TI1R IIüLY LAND. A'rto, cheap and vuluable publication.-. Fout hundied pages, ü co.fine paperjiundsomiiy bound. gribe only TVO Z)0L LA ÍS. Tiie 8uüscriber respccUully vites the atiention of Clergymen, Teachers (f Sabfoaih ScliooL-), Heads of Families, and Bonkeellers thronghout the Uuitcii ciate'eto he above New, Chu;ip atul eplcndidly lllna- trutud work. Publishcd and for salo al iVo. I-2, Nassau street, New York city. h fcalures me beUer define d by ihe title:- TwoKundred Plctorial Illiiilralionsofihe ECRIPTUnES, CO.VS.'STIiNO Oí VIEWS IN THE HOLY LAivD; Togcther vith many of the most remarkabla objects mentioiitd in the old and new tesiajner.ts, representing sacred historical evente, copied frorh celebrated pictures, principally by llie old tnasters. the landscape scenot, taken from original sketches made on tht.' spot, with íull and iiiteresling letterprees tk'scriptions, devoted to tin examination of the objects mentioned in the eacred text. On c:xamination this vvill !)e found a vtrr pleasant and profitable book, especially fur the perusal of Youkg People, ahoundingia the most valuable information, collected with great care, from the best and latcst sourcoe. It may , very proporly, be designated n common pliice book for every thing valuable relating to oriental manners, cusioraa. Etc.and comprises wlthin uself a complete library of rfligious ond useful knowledge. A rolurao like the present, is far superior to the comunon Annuals - it vvill never be out of date. Il is beautifully prinUid in new long primer type - lmndsomely bound in MusVm, gWtaud lettered; and ie d-ci(ledly,iiio best and cheapest pubücation (for the pricc,) ever Ï6sued iroin the American Pre33. Clergymen, Superintendante and Teachers of sabbath schools, ngents of rehgioim newspapera and periodical6,po6trn;)sters and booksellers, throughoul the country, aro respectiully requested to act as our agent?. No letter will be taken from tho oflica unless post paid.To Publishers of Papers througkout tht United States. - JS'ewepapers or Magazines, copying the above entire without any alteration or abridgement (including this nolice,) and giving it 12 inside insertions, ehall receive a copy of the worlt, (subject to their order,) by sending direcüong to the PubJisher. 29-I2w UjTho abovo work may be liad at th Book store of Dea. Chas. Mosely, one door vveat of the Lafayettc House, Aun Arbor. A liberal discount made to wholesale pnrchasers. Persons in the country, wishing to i.q as agents, may obtain nll the r.ecessary ii formation, by addressing their letters loi eubscriber, No. 122, Nassau street, N. Y'. ROBERT SEARS, Publisher. Biaaiks! JBlanksL! Blanksü! "g'UST PÍIINTED, on fine paper and QB? in a superior slyle, a large assori ment of blank summons, subucunas, Execi tions, &cc. - For sale at this otiice.. Ann Arbor, Nov. 17, 1841. WoodL Woodl Woodi. WANTED IMiMEDIATELY, a fev cords of good hickory wood in ex change for the 'Signal of Liberty. Ann Arbor, Dec. 22, 1841.