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More Political Action: For The Signal Of Liberty

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ScnooLCRAFT, Jan. 7th, 1842. I have just received the result of the canvnss, for the county of Kalamazoo, for he choice of Senator, to fiil the vacancy n the district of John S. Barry, resigned. The voie for John P. Marsh, the Iiberty candidato, though exhibiting a small increase in number over the November elecion, yet when we recur to facts as they existed at (he late election, we are led to he conclusión that our cause is onward and that a perceptible change is gradually aking place that must uliimately produce he desired result. Tho late contest had but ltttle of interest to arouBO to aciion, and the de fea', of he whigs at the November election eo lisheartened themand pnralyzed their exertions that they did not hold a convention to selecta cnndidate. The democrats under those circumstances wero confident ofsuccess; consequently a general apathy prevailed, the abolitionists in numerous instances partaking of the same feeling. The whole number of votes polled in the county, was 500, which varies but little from a third part of what we cast at the November election. The democratie candidate received 207 votes; the Liberty candidate 132, and Enoch Harris, a respectable colored man of this county., who was selected in nnlation of the Townsend, Massachusetts affair, with a view of stigmatizing abolitionists, 85. The Liberty ticket received a ntajority in 5 towns in the county, and in the town of Fiowerfield, Si. Joseph county. In this town we gave 7 of a majority over allothers, and 12 abolitionist whohave voted the Liberty ticket, at former election?, were not at the polls. 1 have ascertained that a similar neglect occuried in a number of olher towns. It probably extended throughout the county. In the town of Pavilion, where the liborty ticket had 12 votes at the November eleciion, the democratie 10 and the whig rising 20, there were but 8 votes pol led, democratie 2, liberty 3, and scattering3. It is to be regretted, that at a time when party ties, which form the great obstacle to ihe advancement of the abolition cnuse, are so much broken, that any person avowing thoso great principies and acknowledging the importance of making them feit at the polls, should fail to depos%ite his ballot in the box, under theapprehension that it will be of no avail, ns the! candidato for whom t is casi must unavoidably be defcated; but tho result of the late canvass shows that a united and a vigor ous action vvould have left us but littlc in 1 the minority in this county. Therefore, j there ia much ground to hope that the day j is not distan t, when that which a now a minority, may be increased to a mojority N. M. THOMAS. P. S. - I give below the canvass of this county, except the scattering votes.